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Wanted: WTB: Old 27.2mm seatpost

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By Discodan - Posted on 07 June 2011

Hi All

I'm after an old 27.2mm seatpost for the old Malvern Star racer I just picked up. The existing one is only 200mm long which leaves me about 20-30mm short. At the moment I'm swapping the whole seat/post combo with my MTB every time I ride each of them which is a real pain. Does anyone have an old post lying around they want to get rid of? I'd prefer silver to keep in with the retro theme but beggars can't be choosers

thanks in advance

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I pulled the old suspension one off my Hybrid / commuter only too save a little bit of weight it is silver too.

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But I'll have to pass on the suspension ones for the same reasons; weight and in this case not quite right for a 10 speed racer Smiling

cheers, d

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Think I have a few year old Ritchy post that came as OE on the Rush. As I no longer have that bike think you'd be welcome to it for an agreeable amount of fun vouchers Eye-wink

When do you need it? Only I think this is in a storage cage that I may have to visit soon so could maybe go fish it out on the weekend if that suits you.

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Thanks Rob, PM on the way

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