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By Brian - Posted on 08 June 2011

Here is my n+1. The brake lines are being shortened next week Smiling

The only issue I have is it looks so good I don’t want to get it dirty Eye-wink

The bathroom scales put it spot on 10kg.

Below are the specs
Agogo 29er Ultra Carbon SL 17” Red Frame
ZTR Arch Rims, Red Agogo X-Neo Hub with Black Spokes
Agogo X-Zenith 600mm flat bars
Ritchey WCS 4 axis 90mm Stem
Selle SMP Stratos Saddle
Ritchey WCS Carbon Post
Agogo UD Carbon Bars
Reba XX 80mm Fork with Remote
X0 9spd Grip Shifts
X0 9spd Rear Derailleur
XTR Front Derailleur
Truvativ Noir XC 3.3 Team GXP triple crankset (22-32-44)
SRAM PG990 9spd 11-34 Cassette
XTR 9spd chain
Egg Beater 3 pedals
X0 Disc Brakes 160mm front & rear
Kenda Karma 29 x 1.9 tyres set up as tubeless

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Schmick looking bike mate... love the colours!

You weren't keen on stretching the budget to include XX?

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I wanted gripshift and although there are conversions out there I'll wait until SRAM develop them.

Pete B's picture

Looks really nice, love the shape of that frame.

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Does this mean the giant has gone? Or do you have N+2

I keep dropping hints to the mrs about buying another. So are you going to use it at the Husky? Very nice by the way!

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Still got the Trance but once I get the Cannondale sorted the Trance will be going.

Dicko's picture

Secret Weapon Brian !!

I knew you had something up your sleeve for the Husky ! Looks fast ! Those 80mm forks may take some getting used too - coming down from the dale.


Brian's picture

Yes, 140mm front & rear to a HT with 80mm, can't wait to see what its like Smiling

Black Flash's picture

And +1 for grip shifts.

LadyToast's picture

That's an elite looking ride if I've ever seen one.

Better get the kit to go with it.. I can see you in a one piece lycra Brian Sticking out tongue

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Dylan, are you reading my emails Eye-wink

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That is a marathon / XC race tool if ever I saw one. It'll be perfect for Husky / Fling / DW / Cap Pun / Bottlebutt etc etc.
To be honest, the 80mm is more than enough. You'll be skimming over, rather than bumping into...

Gripshifts rule, and I hear that there will be some shortly for the 10spd clan.

Arches are super stiff rims, and that frame looks pretty stiff, I reckon it'll be responsive as.

I would suggest the rear brake hose is shortened though - it looks like you could tie a knot in it!

Brian's picture

Already booked for Wednesday to get the brake hoses shortened Smiling

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I'm completely sold on the 29er thing after borrowing a friends while he races in Europe for six weeks. Can't wait to give it a flogging at the Husky.
Don't think I'll want to give it back!

craked's picture

Mmmm.... very nice ,is it the Dart ?

Brian's picture

no no, not the dart Eye-wink

Logan's picture

Its only a matter of when not if for when I get myself a 29er HT I reckon.

Very very nice bike indeed!

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Nice colours...hopefully its not made out of carbon "fibro" like the cannondales... Laughing out loud

Harry's picture

I was a bit sceptical but haven't had any issues in fact was a bit surprised at how well it handles.

Discodan's picture

That's my kind of bike (apart from the poxy gripshifts of course), I'm very jealous. Did you build that up from the frame or get it as a complete bike?

Brian's picture

I supplied the crank, BB, rear derailleur, pedals, shifters and saddle.

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I'll probably get one as an enduro weapon as well, but if I go HT it will probably be steel or Ti rather than CF.

I was impressed with the way the Spot Rocker I had for a few weeks rolled and handled.

Not so sure about the SS thing though. I'd like my menisci to last a bit longer methinks Sticking out tongue

Alaskanmtber's picture

How much did you pay for just the frame? Looking at buying one myself. They are pretty.

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found this link to a site that has the Agogo frames. US$969

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