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New toy :)

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By Andrei74 - Posted on 24 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

so her she is finally built:

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So when do we get to see this beast in the flesh Andrei?

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Sweet looking ride!, What brand/model is your seat post? Ive bee looking at getting a Rock shox seat post.

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Sure don't see too many Corsair's around
Nice one Andrei
Have to bring the crew up to scribbs to see how it handles the twisty stuff

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I was hoping to get out to scribblies on Sunday but everyone issuing that damn fireroad ride. So I'm prob just going to go out for a couple of laps of knapsack instead. Unless ofcourse someone wants to get out to scribblies or lazo with me. The seatpost is a crank bros Joplin 3..

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Looks great Andrei. Might be able to hit Knapsack tomorrow afternoon if you are keen.

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I'll post again ... looks great ... how are you liking the bars ...

Pushie will be starting to advertise in RB this month and those looking for adjustable seatposts, may want to hold off for a little bit. Smiling

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Keep us posted................. I think there are a few lurkers like me waiting for good prices on these.

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The bars are great, perfect width for my shoulders. At first they felt a bit weird but once on the trail for 10min got used to them and now they are just right. I still need to find the right position as far as rolling them back/forward. Oh and they match the bike down to a tee. Smiling

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