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Some local riders

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By Chuck - Posted on 26 June 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Andy Bloot's picture

Is Mog looking for divine inspiration
Or does he enjoy the smell of his own wind Laughing out loud

BM Epic's picture

He looks like he is enjoying the eternal pleasure of dropping a smelly fart in the knowledge that some people around him will soon be dry wretching! is the look of utter contentment!

The Brown Hornet's picture

Great collage Chuck.

Stephen-the machine!

moggio's picture

I am actually looking for divine inspiration in that pic.

Chuck's picture

You guys make me laugh so much!! What about the crazy Bullant on the middle of the picture. He's making it a habit of doing that in photos I take. The guy above Moggio is Cameron, he got me into MTB back in 2002. Ah, I still remember my first ride on the Oaks single track. Smiling

waratah's picture

Top left - "The Fat Hippy" - what a legend! His website was what got me out on the mountain bike in the blue mountains in the first place.

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