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Suspension stuff up?

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By chrischris - Posted on 01 July 2011

A few months ago I serviced my own forks. Not too hard following the instructions & with great result. There is one result that I'm actually very happy about, but it is a stuff up. That is, when my 'lock out' is on, my forks are quite stiff, but the suspension still works.

So now I have two settings. Instead of 'on' or 'off' like it's designed to be, it's 'on' or '70% off' which I think is BRILLIANT! Just what I wanted. So, how did this happen? How can I make sure this happens again next service!

(Rockshox Recon solo air)

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I thought they all had give even in lock out - I understand that if not the seals would blow. My shock is 6mnths old never serviced and locked it will still give a little bit

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I'm guessing they are fox? If so, it may be that the Lock-out lever has been out back on slightly in the wrong position not allowing it to fully swing around to the LO position before it fouls on the fork crown. Try removing the lever and moving it one notch anti clock wise.

A, if that doesn't work, that's all I got... B if it's not fox, that's still all I got... lol

Just to add, all my fox forks in LO all give a bit if you put a fair bit of pressure on them.

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You may not have put enough oil in it. If the oil level is low the oil will not flow through the dampner to fully lock it out

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It does compress more in lockout than it used to. Which I love. It's still stiff, and doesn't compress when climbing etc, just a large bump will give 1 inch. Previously, the lockout would only move 5mm or so.

I did measure the oil very carefully using large syringes I borrowed from work. (hospital syringes) So I can only assume that I put in the correct measurement. But this 'oil level' is the best answer so far. Thanks for the input guys! I'll also check the positioning of the lockout arm. But it isn't a Fox fork, it's a Rockshox.

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the solo airs have an adjustable gate valve on the lockout. I'm guessing you have either not put enough oil back in or changed the gate valve setting

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The lockout is the only complaint I have with my Lefty forks. There is just NO give or blow-off.

Smack them hard and sharp enough while locked out and you can be up for a new shock seal set. I wish they'd do something about that, like a blow-off valve.

Hasn't happened yet with my 130mm Solo Air forks, but I've done it twice now on the 110 DLR2 my commuter hitting potholes with the thin high pressure 700x23c roadie slicks on Sad

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Flynny... Gate valve setting? Could you expand a little sorry? Are you referring to the remote switch that controls a valve? My Rockshox Recon only has an 'on' or 'off'. It isn't capable of any intermediate settings. Or maybe I'm off target.

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