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Track Listing

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Name Type Difficulty Vertical Climb/Drop Distance Map
By Heathcote Firetrail 20m
1322m By Heathcote
Dense Loftus Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed 20m
860m Dense Loftus Sniggle
Farnell Road Firetrail Firetrail 10m
1208m Farnell Road Firetrail
Goarra Ridge Firetrail 23m
2449m Goarra Ridge
Goarra Rill Track Firetrail 0m
2243m Goarra Rill Track
Goarra Single Track Single Track - Enclosed 11m
798m Goarra Single Track
Lady Carrington Drive Firetrail 125m
9751m Lady Carrington Drive
Little Marley Fire Trail Firetrail Green 175m
11.37Km Little Marley Fire Trail
Loftus Ridge Trail Single Track - Enclosed 15m
1348m Loftus Ridge Trail
Loftus Sniggle Single Track - Enclosed 43m
1632m Loftus Sniggle
Loftus Trig Firetrail Firetrail 70m
2659m Loftus Trig Firetrail
Loop Trail Firetrail 41m
2685m Loop Trail
Loop Trail (Short) Firetrail 0m
596m Loop Trail (Short)
Oval to Temptation Double Track 18m
933m Oval to Temptation
Temptaion Dead End Firetrail 0m
401m Temptaion Dead End
Temptation Creek Firetrail 81m
3872m Temptation Creek
The Lakes Trail Single Track - Enclosed 33m
1601m The Lakes Trail

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