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A sight to behold, particularly before breaky

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By Stuart M - Posted on 12 July 2007

What more can be said

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Geeze... that's rough. However, I'd hazard a guess what's behind the lens was pretty scary also!

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"....that's rough"

and as for what Garry looked like, well....

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I mean the comment was rough of course... not the subject. A lady never looks rough in the morning.

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always looked better the night before, and its about here I will withdraw from this conversation, but feel free to keep digging Rob Eye-wink

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You said that you wouldn't post it
honestly - is nothing sacred with you guys!!!!

you wait Stuart - the gloves are off now....

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i have to live with that!!!!

Rob's picture

And she, you. Oh dear, now don't you feel bad? Eye-wink

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