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Berowra Valley and Castle Hill (Fred Caterson Reserve)

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By shano - Posted on 25 July 2007

Saturday, 4 August, 2007 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

6 hours
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If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Quarry Road Track (Berowra Valley)
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Big training ride epic...

Okay I know this sounds like a big ride...thats right its going to be 60km of joy!
After the Galston Gorge, we hit tar on Quarry Rd and head for Castle Hill via Round Corner on the Old North Rd, we get off at Gilbert Rd and take some parks, and backstreets to get to Fred Caterson Reserve.
There are some hidden gems of single tracks here, plus the trails within the reserve proper and the BMX track, which is always good for burning excess energy.
After a couple of hours in Castle Hill exploring and doing all we can, we ride back to Hornsby, on the road we came in on....
At the trig station on the firetrail very near the Quarry Rd end, there is a diversion in the firetrail that heads down fast into the gorge, this is optional and leads to Rosemead Ave and some little section of firetrail and nice big rocks in the gorge, before you get down you have to climb down and out for a little....but its good fun and works better with a group.
Depending on the feeling on the day at this point we can take the abovementioned route, which will require a large climb by road to take us back to Stewart Ave, or just hit the gorge hard and fast, which is a longer ride to hornsby going downhill, with a good couple of climbs upto the start/finish.

Bring food, money, mobiles, tools, spares, water, cameras, gps, and anything I have forgotten!

This link outlines some general directions on road.

total road riding in 15km max. (nearly all on Old North Rd.)

See you there

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Rob, shano, Bruce, Steve 01
Rob shano Bruce Steve 01
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Shano... sounds like a plan, but 'road' appears in this a bit too much for my liking Sad Might be able to handle a bit of it, but how much exactly do you reckon? If there's decent cycle paths not so bad, are there?

Can you try and draw it out on Google Maps (the 'My Maps' section) and post a link to what you save? Split the parts up into chunks so we can easily measure, like I did a while back for this, so you see what I mean:

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for the 8hr the next day? excellent see you there.

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I guess I can do this one, unless you guys are really training. If this is the case I'll bail.



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Should be pretty easy going for the most part, Galston Gorge is the only big climb, unless Shano brings us back by Old Castle Hill rd. The other nice thing on this ride will be the opportunity to stop & get food or drink at one of the many servos on the way.

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Sorry guys, I've just picked a problem with my rear shock so I won't be able to be there. As I don't know if any of you will get this message before the ride, I sent a message to Rob's mobile.



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Great ride today - thanks to Shano for suggesting something different. Although really, that black stuff is scary!



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