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New Helmet Option?

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By pikey - Posted on 30 July 2007

I'm thinking of buying one of these helmets. (I have to protect the face of the trophy husband my wife married!)

I think it could save a few teeth, obviously not for the serious downhill.

They cost around 85 pounds from the mother country, can't yet find them localy.

I wecome any thoughts?


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im looking for a full facer myself on the budget side, i know clarence st are selling all their freeride stuff half price (maybe more if u can sway them) and last i checked they had 4 full facers at 200 and 300 rrp that looked pretty good...
the one ur looking at i cant help but think seems a bit light for the point of getting a full face? dont know how good the jaw protection really could be is u dont get to look like a wraithy ninja jedi biker dude Eye-wink
anyway if u do happen to get it i'd be interested what u think.

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Cheaper than a dentist...

I'll get one if you do!

They don't sell them here because they aren't aussie standards approved - but CRC has them

Would be good for stuff like Red hill and ... well... Red hill.

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Looks like it wouldnt be as restrictive for air flow as a full face would be, I saw a guy at the dam on the weekend with one on.

I agree with the call on Aus Stds.

Have a look for the distributor on the met web site i think you'll find they are in sydney....

Good luck mate

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there are no Aussie standards for DH helmets.

Fox (and I think one other) Do have a Standards Approved full face but the standards have nothing to do with DH.

Most other full face helmets brands rely on over seas standards such as CE.

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I use a full face every off road ride it has saved me not only from rocks when crashing but also protects from sticks and trees not to mention hitting your bars on a jump landing. I would feel naked riding without it , they do get hot in summer but IMO it is worth it teeth are expensive to replace , I was KO at Oxford Falls DH track last year with it on, with out it would of been way worse.
Shop around I picked up a carbon fibre Netti for $50 on ebay light and strong but try a few brands on before you buy as the fit differs between brands some are to tight with size changing.

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I would just even check out any MET helmet for sizing and shape as you may have the wrong shaped head for it. I used to have a Specialized lid and found it quite unconforatble but not great , then I was told that I may need a Giro as my head is more rounded (no Im not fat). And found that it fits so much better.
In regards to Australian standard, I think that this is a bit of a money making thing for the Australian Standards side of things and if it at least has a kite mark (British Safety Standards) it would pass the Australian one.
Good Luck

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Pretty good price for a full face. I got my 661 Full face off Torpedo for 80 dollars (reduced from $250).

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Yes I agree if the helmet has been aproved for use in the UK then its only a matter of time before an Australian distributor seaks aproval here.

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I think it costs a lot of money to get something approved as compliant with Aussie standards.
Australia is a small market, and the fact that it's undoubtedly a product aimed at a niche market means that it may not be worth their while to get it approved.

Aussie standards aren't super-stringent. They just test for cushioning when dropped on concrete, that the strap won't come loose in a crash, that your skull won't penetrate the foam, etc.

I suspect that this explains the situation.

Flynny - and if there WERE aussie standards for downhill helmets, I'm guessing that the MET helmet wouldn't pass. It seems cross countryish, not downhillish.
When I mentioned Australian standards, I was, of course, referring to the australian standards which exist.

That's a good point about trying it on, Rob. I've found that Netti helmets fit me very well, but most helmets I try in the UK fit poorly. Obviously, English people have strange heads Eye-wink

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We may have strange heads but am surprised that you could not find one that fitted you Arpit.
Your head may have beeen too strange to get one to fit.
Specialized were for the pointy head and Giro for the fattter head (like Ricki Gervais). Just try a MET one out.

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There is a bit more to the standards than that. AFAIK vision impediment is the big issue when it comes to a bicycle helmet with a chin guard.

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Me? strange head? never! Smiling

Helmets seem to be a lot more expensive in the UK than in Aus. So when I say that I couldn't find one to fit me, I meant that I couldn't find one which fit me... in my price range.

Flynny, no doubt. That vision thing seems to make sense, considering that most helmets sold will be used on tarmac.

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i got a bell bellistic.
relatively light & not too hot; one of the cheaper options, at least in europe. not sure where to buy it here.

i should maybe add that i tend to wear it only when i think i need it, i.e. when i go downhill & take more risk. for simple stuff i keep a giro xen.

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their home page & there is a language option on the left hand side, so I discovered after trying to learn a new language.

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knowing their sense of humour and all Eye-wink

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it's a full face helmet for 89 EUR. Eye-wink

i only put the link there for the picture.

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I've also been looking at getting a full face along with some knee/shins.
661 Racelites look to be a good pad and I should be able to get them for a decent price.
Also had been looking at Fox Ventilators but heard of people having problems with the knee bit...
The two helmets I've been looking at are the 661 Full Comp and Mace Method, 661 would be $80 if ordered from the US but is apparantly hard to breathe in below 30kmp/h. And I've seenthe Mace for $120.
I've decided its time to start trying some more adventurous stuff so its probably a good idea to get something extra to save me from too much damage.
If anyones got any hints, tips, thoughts, experiences or anything, that would be great Laughing out loud

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Here's another hybrid helmet stuart put me onto today. I think I liked the first model best


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on pads, personally i highly reccomend the fox north shore line, i picked up a pair of elbows and knee/shins for about 120 total, and they are heaps comfy, not too plasticy like some of them, and good strap up method..they work too hehe saved my skin a few times so far Smiling I also use ankle guards too by six six one, because of the crashes i have had, for some reason i usually hurt my ankles, and i simply cant afford to brake em! people also use wrist guards, but some are of the opinion that it creates to much pressure on the forearms and are therefore more likely to brake instead, which could be worse..
helmets im still undecided, but im with ya on the sixsix one stuff, i think for the money there up there with the best available, im also looking at a netti full face, for 145 at my local, but havent heard much review wise, they look ok.. i guess the thing is as much ventilation as possible vs weight vs vision vs safety vs price...
if i had the money id definantly go for a "the one" carbon, or a troy lee anything Eye-wink but who can spend 500 on a helmet? hehe
im not sold on those hybrids myself greg, i just dont think the jaw protection is good enough for coming down face first on a rock! and after having my front teeth rebuilt and several facial stiches already, i think the extra heat and weight is worth it, as someone said to me the other day, its your head, you fu#@ that, its all over!
my 2 cents Smiling

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hey, i was down at the bike shed today (mortdale) and saw they had a good range of full face from about $150 -most brands, as mentioned in a previos post, its all about the right fit and feelin comfortable. they also have the fox flux - kind of a hybrid xc+dh helmet, but without the jaw guard.

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Had been looking at the bike sheds website, baught my bike from there and I liked there wanting to be the cheapest around alot Eye-wink

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