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Gazza's Ass

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By pikey - Posted on 05 August 2007

A view of Gazza never seen before!

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Correction Greg - this is the second time I believe. Laughing out loud

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it had graffiti on it though!

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Can't see why it hasn't been posted into the restricted access gallery though, maybe it might be use as an adverteasing ploy to get a few more people along, although they might end up being his mates from Oxford St. Not that there is anything wrong with that of course.

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all i have to say guys is my ass must be pretty damn fine if it gets more than one mention on the site!some sicko's even feel the need to advertise on it. was gonna say i'll charge for the next advertisment but i dont need to fuel your filthy minds with the thought of my ass and money changing hands!, oops! just did..... now sit back and wait for the replies... i bet i know who's got a comment or two on this one?

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well... as discussed at the BBQ.. we know who is responsible for your personal training Eye-wink
No wonder...!

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Why do I take so many photo’s of Gary’s a$$ ???
My counselling starts Monday.
Wish me luck!


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Have a Bitburger!!!!!

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