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Mr Endo strikes again!

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By davis_jnr - Posted on 06 August 2007

Lee you continue to amaze me, how do you do it!

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I can't believe you got away with that Lee!!??
Amazing! And what a great pic!!??
You guys are very courageous (= german for slightly insane Eye-wink )!!

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...Obi Wan has taught you well.... Smiling

must have been practising on the trials bike....Shocked

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bet your glad of the new forks!
you could almost start a best caption competition for this pic.

what got me is how he did it more than once and didn't stack, and then stacked on what was a relatively easy drop compared to that one.

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i think it makes a more believable story if you tell people you were hopping on your front wheel and preparing to bounce back up the ledge onto your back wheel. If you tell them you were going forwards they wont believe you! Top photo sam.

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That's some sharp reflexes and a cool head. Not surprised you stacked on the easier one. Wouldn't be much left after saving this.

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