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new tyres for a newbie

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By stusimo - Posted on 07 August 2007

Hey guys, pretty new to the sydney trails, originally from up north way, the Atherton Tablelands in the far north of queensland.
Been here just over a year and finally got my bike back of my brother.
So i have noticed that my tyres are all but gone.
I am wondering what type,brand etc you have had success with.
I ride a DiamonBack Zetec sport, At the moment i have some 26X1.75's on, Michellin's(spellcheck). And on my last ride were left wanting!! as my knee can confirm!
thinking maybe a little chunkier, but not too much.
I guess most of my riding would be XC style,
any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers guys.

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welcome to sydney,
for tyres if your quick theres still some left at CBD bike shop in sydney
385 kent st od close to that
they are $20 in a wire bead.

Front Tyres
Maxxis igniters or continental explorers in 2.1

Rear tyre
Maxxis crossmark in 2.1
these will see you through all of sydneys trails with grip and comfort

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Hmmmm... I can imagine the trails up in QLD are not as rocky as here. The sandstone seems to wear tires quiet quickly in/around Sydney.

We had some tire talk in the tubeless tyres thread. As Dreggsy says, you can't really go wrong with a Crossmark. A lot of people like the Larsen too, but not sure I fancy it. I'm waiting to fit a set of High Rollers to the old bike for playing on... they may be better for more technical work (Crossmark are the XC king).

Looks like Maxxis have the tire market sewn up, huh? I was on Panaracer when first came to Sydney but have to say, don't see many (any!) of them about.

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My suggestion would be to get 26 x 2.35. Most of the trails we do lack to decent surface purchase.

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anyone knows where to get schwaleb tyres from?
i use the fat albert 2.35 and i am quite happy with them.

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I've not seen the Fat Alberts aroung, but both City Bike Depot & King of the Mountain Cyclery have Schwalbe tyres in stock so I would imagine they can get them in.

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Thanks, will drop in to KMC, I'm passing their shop every day. Eye-wink


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I found Michelin XCR A.T. to be very good.

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i've been on maxxis ranchero on my xc bike for a while, mostly because i was riding at the Royal National Park where (in some sections) there are a lot of fine gravely trails. The closely spaced centre knobs are good if you have to commute on the same bike too...

However, the trails up north tend to be far rockier with lots of sandstone, so i'd go for something chunkier - as already suggested!



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