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alternative rides...

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By Peter R - Posted on 14 March 2006

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Date: Mon 13 Mar 2006 08:51
From: "Gavin Roache"


Greg is completly correct i have already spoken to Justin to make changes.

The majority of the key riders feel exactly the same.

will speak to you during the week/

there will be changes..



Good on you Robin for encouraging a bit of variety to the 'single pack mentality'.

Alternative groups wanting to improve on their much needed technical skills etc etc rather than slogging it out on the same old hills should be commended not discouraged.

Smaller groups tend not to 'tailgate' and wait herded up when a less skillful rider flounders on an 'obstacle' en route!!.

Hope this 'group' is not getting too serious!!



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Thx for that Peter, seems you and I are of the same view Smiling

To be fair, the reasons the mailing list has gone moderated seem sensible. The debates on where to ride will be moved here, so if you don't care about that, and just it's outcome you get the email weekly as intended and just show up and ride.

Just means people have to be more keen and use the forum (which in itself isn't a bad thing).

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Yes... it has already tripled the use of this forum in just a day... good news!

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Hello all,

Firstly, If my initial email was interpreted the way it was meant I was actually stating that I was being overloaded with choice and now that Justin has implemented a voting system of sorts we can get ourself back to the big group turnouts of the past.

Secondly, I'm a little embarrassed that we may have offended, and possibly turned away, Stuart and every other new rider that was considering joining us in the future. I remember that I watched this site for about three months before I had the nerve to make contact. I also think, as somebody suggested, it mightn't be a bad idea to encourage a beginners (not so fit yet) group for those that are willing but not yet so able. Better for them to learn with a group that ride on their own crash in the bush and have their decomposing body stink up the trail.

Another observation I have is that I feel we already have two groups, those who prefer the long distance endurance rides and those that like a mix of cross county but enjoy a bit of technical downhill stuff, and for mine the two have lived in harmony.

Justin and Liz, congratulations on your 2nd placing in you category, in the Polaris, that's tops.

Robin & Justin thanks for the excellent work you guys put in building and keeping the web site running.

I look forward to everybody embracing the new forum idea from now on so lets get down to what we all love and that's drinking beer, I mean Mountain Bike riding Smiling

PS: The club idea is interesting!

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good work greg ,, wind Robin up he needs it.
NOBMOB northern beaches mountain bike group, we are a small group of people that wanted to ride togeather. - we dont want to tell anyone where you can ride and cant ride there is no restrictions its your life.the bottom line is if you want to have different rides or dont like what we do start a different group or club. But if you want to ride with us you can and we will tell you where we are riding via email on a friday night.

when we started nobmob another one of our friends started a group as well which really sums it up

this will fire the IT forum nuts up.

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Hey, why hasn't anyone mentioned these guys before? looks like a great site, nice pics, they need to sort out the organisation though? Eye-wink See they GPS a lot of rides, I'd love to get hold of those Gearth files they look to have been making?

Why exactly did you not like to ride with them?

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Did you see the size of the roll offs they where doing MMMMMMMMMMMM!

And new trails as well.

Might be time for a merge!

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Guys there a private group. Please dont add comments on there web site, very good guys though. Robin why didnt we join them, because we started our own group NOBMOB. Though we do see the guys out on the track Spephen Wilkes whom is the founder is one of our alternate directors.

But you know they have the right stratergy its all about riding

shut up and ride/.

keep smiling

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Robin they dont need to sought out their organisation they are very happy.

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I agree with you guys... the more choice of rides the better... I am happy to slog the same old trails and not keen to do technical, and I don't want to hold back the more skillful riders wanting more of a challenge ...

I also agree that big groups can be unweildy and stressful for the weaker riders (too much testosterone I reckon!!). So lets have a variety of rides that we can choose from.


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