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Baby seat

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By geoz - Posted on 07 August 2007


i would like to take my baby daugther out for rides, and i was wondering if anyone had experience with bicycle baby seats. i would like to get one that goes in teh front (as i would like the little girl to see more than just her daddy's a$$) and i guess like many modern fully suspended bikes i need something that is fairly flexible when it comes to mounting options.

any ideas?


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Have tried both seat types, the ones taht fit to the down tube/stemare stable but you tend to ride with elbows/knees outwards. The seat tube cantivered versions is a bit of a worry if carbon post! and has back side view.
Best option once 4 years old is a tag along 'real bike - single wheel without brakes taht connects to seatpost and the kid can either pedal or coast behind.
Mine has been used down/up Oaks and M/Dam and city road rides: Homebush/West Head.
Can be pick up s/hd.

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i had a baby seat (mounted behind on a rack) but stopped using it after a few near misses and near stacks that would of severly injured my daughter.
I bought a trailer instead, holds 2 kids upto a total of 45kgs, very safe, weather proof also, my 2.5yr old daughter loves it, takes a couple of her dollies with her and thinks she is the queen, looking forward to when my 6month old duaghter can sit upright by herself so i can take her also.
Really easy to tow, will connect to any bike, can be a struggle uphills at times but good training anyway.
The main think is i feel confident that if i have a stack she will not be injured, the trailer stays upright and is not affected by the angle the bike is at.
mine looks similar to this ( , not expensive also, i paid a bit under $300


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thanks for the input.
i tink it is interesting that e.g. in germany they have done a test (they test everything) and established that trailers were bloody dangerous (mind you they think everything is dangerous). on the other hand in austria you are not allowed to use child seats on the front of your bike, only on the back (not sure why). and in the netherlands i've seen them ship 2-3 kids on their bikes, front back, tralier and in some cases even in some sort of tray in the front of the bike.

i found one i like on ebay, and sionce my bike is a bit of a nightmare in terms of fixing anything to it this may be my best bet anyway. anyone knows this one?


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