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Handlebar wrap - experimental bike techniques

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By Justin - Posted on 19 March 2006

Warning, don't try this at home, only for the slightly MTB mad.

Ok, here's my experiment. I've got crappy OEM grips on my Reign, my hands are killing me. SO I spent $10 on some handlebar wrap (used for road bikes) as they were out of ODI lockons and the other grips were really bad.

I've just wrapped the grips with this and it's pretty interesting, I'm not going to be going on the Tour as the official handlebar wrapper anytime soon, but it does feel comfortable and there is no movement under the hand.

So... bets on how long this will last?

- next ride
- first ride in the rain
- until I get my next great idea?

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In theory Justin it should last a good while, although I will probably now make a fool of myself and it will fall off on your first ride, so I'll qualify my statment by saying that IF YOU HAVE PUT IT ON TIGHT ENOUGH it will last until the first time you flip your bike, landing the bars on a rock. At which time it will tear and the whole lot will just unravel. By the same token if your gloves are over grippy they may have the same affect as a sharp rock so I'll just shut up and and say "until your next great idea"

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I have been thinking about doing this also, except with Brooks leather wrap for my commuter bike. I can't find ANYTHING else on the net so help a gal out will you and post a photo, pretty please Laughing out loud

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did you notice the date on this post? Smiling

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