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Stop cable rub

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By jpack - Posted on 20 August 2007

I've just bought a new bike - 2007 Kona Coilair, and i am wondering if there are any products out there which protect the frame from cable rub. I've seen these vinyl stickers, that get stuck on the frame, but they're pretty ugly. was also thinking about sticky chair feet protectors to wrap around the cable, which has sticky and fury side.
any thoughts would be appreciated.

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If you don't like the clear vinyl things then you're probably not going to like either of these, but...

Duct tape can work well, but is not as hard wearing as other options. You can get it in various colours of course, and clear.

I've also had success with cable ties. Top of the rear triangle on the Jekyll is thin enough to wrap a cable tie round twice before locking it off. Wrapped in the right place this protects the edge where brake/derailleur cable would otherwise rub.

You can also loop two cable ties through each other, fix one firmly to the frame and the other loosely round the cable that was rubbing. Thus the cable now rubs up and down inside the cable tie and not on the frame. Fix the second tie round the cable more securely to stop it moving completely if that seems appropriate.

Final option I know of is that there is apparently clear plastic stuff sold in auto/motor bike shops that is designed to stick on headlights for protection. Not very bendy, but apparently really hard wearing and transparent of course. Never tried this myself but word is it's quiet good.

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The best solution I've come up with is to use a bit of inner tube and wrap it round the frame with electrical tape. Feasability depends on where on the frame you need to protect and how daggy you want your frame to look, but I've a black frame so it works great, lasts for ever and has zero chance of peeling off.


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Auto shops also sell a thinner / pliable clear plastic film for protecting against stone chips - that is invisible when applied.

It's a little bit fiddly to apply (soapy water) but it can be removed without damaging the paint work. I applied it to my carbon chain stays to protect them.


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contact from your newsagents

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The stuff rob mentioned is great,
I've had it on my headtube for almost 3 years, doesn't even look like its going to come off.
It doesn't look like it has even been affected by the cable.
I did have some on the underside of the downtube but once water got in i9t started coming off.
I'd got to the motorbike shop to see about prices but its raining at the moment.

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they are $30 for a 30 x 50cm sheet x 3 sheets
or there's $35 @ 40x 60cm x sheets

Which is heaps and heaps and heaps
he thinks they are out of stock at the moment but can order them in.

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