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ive gone and done it again!

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By GAZZA - Posted on 21 August 2007

just put a heafty deposit on a specialized p3! when is it gonna end? im just addicted to bikes,, or am i just adick?? dont answer that one!

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not even that

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I was in Northside Bikes in Chatswood the other day. They had a Demo - looked about you your size with almost $3K off (down to $5.5K) I think. Almost called you then. Still, they prolly have it, go pick it up! Laughing out loud

... who may well N+1 too sometime in the coming weeks! Eye-wink

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...ebay, that way it will cost you a lot less!


PS: you don't need "new"

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what they say mate, just keep telling yourself that your a connoisseur of fine bikes Smiling although that's coming from someone who is likely to do something just as silly in the next week or so. Doh!

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All your other bikes will be jealous... or is that me... you don't need a new bike, you need to stop wearing lycra and get yourself a lady (he says with gren eyes blazing ;-})...

Just remember the days when you used to ride everything on the one bike, no suspension.

Please don't go and get yourself a singlespeed 29'er too!

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What does the N stand for in the N+1?
Yes, I am old

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N = the number of bikes you have.

The ideal number of bikes to own is therefore N + 1


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Cos' I thought that N may mean Need, so N+1 would still be far from ideal.

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the N should be replaced with a W where W = want, or am I now starting to approach the realm of bicycle utopia?

Says he who is stupidly toying with the idea of a hard tail frame then build up at the moment.

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so what are you getting Rob?

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... but a Kona is looking high on the list.

Oooh... which one could I be talking about? Eye-wink

Stuart knows (and I suspect a couple others)... shhhh Sticking out tongue

Of course said model and alternatives need to be checked out first.

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I'll keep my fingures crossed you'll get something good.

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and borders on dare I say it a..........road (oh wash my mouth out) bike.

Thats his not mine, you won't catch me wasting my money on one of them. Why waste the few opportunities I get to ride out on the black stuff?

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Hey, wasn't someone asked to hush up? Where's the suspense? Sad

Don't worry folks, after a long and fruitful search for options yesterday it would appear all the requirements can be met without resorting to lycra wearing & latte sipping.

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sick - cupcake and George have a serious illness - we need a therapy section of nobmob
and Rob...surely the rumour about a ROAD bike isn't true???

MEEE Smiling

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If bicycle utopia is where you get W+1 then that's where I want to be, and maybe there would be no broken bones there also. Smiling

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It's not your turn for a new bike, you just got a rush, if you need a commuter bike then it's rubbish throw out time up here at the moment, I'll see what I can pick up.

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See...all these new bikes support my theory of "dont fix em, buy new ones" mind you none of these purchases are anything other than desire!
Having spent a lot of dollars on Fox Shox servicing and getting them back nothing like they used to be I am entering the desire mode...

wont be for a while though...other priorities.

Good work boys!

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worse than when they went in for a service?

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The rear shock had "stuck down syndrome" so it's better than it was but not as good as it used to be. Apparently the rear link bush was replaced and now I have some play in the pivot mount...investigating further.
Front were only starting to leak some oil so wanted to fix that before it got worse. Lockout is not 100% which might be grounds to send them back. Cant seem to be able to dial them in like before..
Anyway the wheels turn and it stops ok with the new 185mm disc on the front so I will survive!

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