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Terry Hills Sunday 8.30am 26th March

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By lizzoi - Posted on 23 March 2006

anyone up for Terry Hills this Sunday??


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Yes... Would really like to follow the rest of the trail started last week Smiling

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Sunday looks good for me too


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And what a good one it was, eh? Sorry about splitting off at the end, but I certainly needed the hills. J did well, but I fell over in a heap going back up to the Duffys/Booralie/Cullamine intersection simply because the legs just wouldn't go any more! As you can imagine, the usually placid Permimeter trail seemed a little tougher after that!

Anyhow, some notes while I remember:

- Where we met the electric fence the first time (where there were steep rocks up to the left) was actually the right direction. This is on Booralie trail which runs straight through Skippy's pad (and the fence of course). Where we then ended up going is marked again to run straight through that fence. We could have possibly turned right at the first fence meeting and skirted around and would be keen to try that. Think we did well with the guesswork today though.

- Think the single track we were on later before returning to the road was indeed that I was thinking of. This isn't marked on maps, but is visible on the DoL site, from where I will try and trace a plan:

- Looking at pics we went almost half the distance down the Bibbenluck trail before turning around near that Pylon. The altitude there is around 135m and it drops down to around 40m in less than 1K. Any one still game? Eye-wink

I've updated the KMZ with electric fence and Booralie detour and added a few pics.

P.S. For those who weren't along, the route was: Terry Hills shops, Perimeter Trail, Cullamine Track, Duffys Track (aborted attempt to go down the the wharf, far too steep & overgrown) Booralie Trail (some fun navigating around an electric fence), half way down the Bibbenluke Track, some single track fun near the top of that then back the way we came.

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