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By christine - Posted on 23 August 2007

I have joined the Specialized club and am totally in LOOOOVEEE!!!
Thank you to Harry for upgrading so I could get Mildred and to George and Peter who were ADAMENT she was the right bike for me...
Tooooooooo goood! Toooo happy!!!!
See you on the trails!
I’ll be the one on the baby blue sexy specialized with a grin from ear to ear!!!
(well, maybe not grinning on the ‘roid boy ride on Saturday that may be a grimace...but other than that!!!)

MEEE Smiling
:) Smiling :) Smiling :) Smiling

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You will experience nirvana...

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Still Dream of a Santa Cruz Eye-wink

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Even funnier the 2nd time around...

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the baby blues?

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