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By mccann - Posted on 25 August 2007

in June 2007 i bought a trek top fuel 9.8 at Clarance street cycle's it is carbon fiber, today when i was on the terry hills track the chain got stuck between the chain ring and the carbon fiber back stay. this happened alot it has damaged the carbon fiber and i am wondering do you think this would be covered under warranty. also when i cleaned my bike i noticed the cable to the rear shock has gouged into the frame 2 to 3 mm when i tapped this area it sounded very hollow would this be covered under warranty? what i am looking for is information before i bring in the bike so i know what i am talking about. i hear clarance street has a good name but i am a bit worried.

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well i just had my bike returned fixed from clarence st., cause the seatpost clamp hit the rear linkage when the suspension compressed, causing the brake line to be freyed, and the linkage itself to have a gouge cut out of it (sounds mildly similar to ur problem) i took it in just to get the brake line fixed and a new clamp thinking it wouldnt be a warranty job, and they replaced everything for free, and ordered me a new linkage for free Smiling bottom line, take it in, they will look after u as best they can, you dont need to be an expert, they wont screw u in my opinion. if it is a fault with the bike setup/design itself, im sure there will be a warranty job there ..ive been very happy with their service anyway!

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To me both these issues sound like wear and tear and as such would not be covered by warranty. But it doesn't hurt to ask, I've heard of a number of occasions where trek has been very generous with warranties.

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well still if the natural movement of the bike causes damage to something the way its setup by default with the stock items, that sounds like a case of just silly design, (re the seatpost clamp issue i had) and i think trek and clarence st both saw it that way, so im thinking the rear issue with the rubbing on the carbon causing the gouge that your talking about might be a similar case, assuming its setup the way it is by default, i dont know about the chain slipping issue though, but like i say, clarence seem to want to help and not rip you off so fingers crossed im sure theyll do what they can...

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