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Avid Matchmaker

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By Rob - Posted on 27 August 2007

Anyone considering moving their Avid levers/SRAM triggers around (like me - gonna put the brakes inboard) might be interested in this little Avid Matchmaker thing I just noticed. Didn't see it before, perhaps I'm just slow.

No, it's not some kind of super keen cupid, it's a single mount that both Avid Levers and SRAM shifters can hang from. Found a nice picture here on NSMB:

Hmmmm... Ultimate and X0.... Sticking out tongue

You can even hang pop-loc remote switches off these two, as this page shows:

FWIW, Avid's accessory page also shows a pic, but doesn't tell us much:

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This setup came standard on my Scott. Works a treat.


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Really? I didn't notice - will take a look next time you're out.

Must have missed if before 'cos I was too busy looking for the hanger... where did they fit that again? Eye-winkSticking out tongue

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That's right no detachable hanger Smiling

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Do you think that they could be swapped left to right so that brakes can move further in for one finger braking? It looks like a long way from the end of the break leaver to the shifter in the picture.

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Yes indeed - I read somewhere that they are reversible so you can have brakes further in/out by swapping the mounts between left and right side.

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G'day there everyone,new to this site but i have a giant reign 0 and it has this avid set up on it and i love it, not as bulky as what i have had in the past,Thats my 2 cents worth anyhow. Hope to catch up for a ride with some of you soon.

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