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Ourimbah State Forest

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By Alex - Posted on 29 August 2007

Saturday, 1 September, 2007 - 09:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

4 hours
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If it's raining, I won't be there.
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Ourimbah State Forest
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Ourimbah State Forest


A bit of everything at Ourimbah, couple of xc's and a couple of DH's on the agenda, particularly interested to see the new work done on the DH track Smiling all welcome!

Who's in?
starship303, Alex, Gilbo, nate, smackmybitchup
starship303 Alex Gilbo nate smackmybitchup
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starship303's picture

I'm in (at this stage). I also mentioned it to a few mates to see if they want to come. Smiling

smackmybitchup's picture

The DH part looks interesting, tho is this ride any good for nubs?
Like someone who hasn't ridden off-road in about 5 years XD

starship303's picture

Yo !

Its got everything really, and hopefully we will get a taste of it on Satuday...and from what i remember you used to handle yourself decently on your GT hardtail all those years ago... Sticking out tongueEye-wink

...then again you are also known to some as StackMaster---- (when snow is involved). "Stackmaster..stack faster"

Anyway check out the "Ourimbah State Forest" link in the first post, it describes the riding there in pretty good detail. As long as you stay within your limits i think you'll have a blast (tho i've not been there before myself). You have the bike to handle more or less anything at least which is a plus (well, perhaps not the big hills).

Cheers mate,

Alex's picture

yeh it's all good for nubs, the Dh is a bit rough u may be walking a few of the rock garden sections, and have soar legs Eye-wink but apart from that as long as your resonably fit its all good, a couple of xc laps and 1 or 2 Dh runs (we prob wont be shuttling unless anyone has a ute/van!) can really take it out of you! worth it though-

smackmybitchup's picture

Haha sounds sweet! Snow at least gets a reasonably soft landing!!
Cya there (assuming I can figure out how to get these front wheels off LOL!)
Ute/van sounds good...pity I can't get my hands on one Sad

dez_b's picture

Hi Alex looks like I might get my bike back if I am lucky tomorrow so at this point I wont commit but if its all ok I will PM you the night before for travel details if you want to come up in my 4x4 which we could shuttle.

nate's picture

Nice idea!
I'll have a shuttle vehicle if we're that way inclined, see you there.
If anyone needs a lift, I'll have one seat, comming from Harbord direction.

Alex's picture

sweet shuttles sounds good! see yall there Smiling ill be in the white mitsubishi and on the trek session for those who dont know me.
-dez, ill be sweet for a ride thanx mate, ill need my wheels for later!

Gilbo's picture

im up for this aswell. Alex, did you want to carpool?

Alex's picture

thanks for coming guys, had one of the best days ever at ourimbah! was awesome Smiling

dez_b's picture

Wow count me in next time around , good to see Lee again nice to meet you Nate (I so want your bike exactly where in Harbord do you live ? LOL) and great riding with all of you
Alex thanks for the heads up on these nice trails closer to Sydney than it seems , now the adrenalin has stopped I am feeling that last DH run! my shoulder feels like a tackled a tree at 30 kph , oh yeah thats right I did.

smackmybitchup's picture

Yes! Awesome day...great to meet everyone & thank you very much Alex for hosting Laughing out loud
Finally christened the Stinky, definitely up if anyone going back again!

starship303's picture

Thanks to everyone for a top day on Saturday at Ourimbah. Nice work playing guide too Alex. Twas a real eye opener to what a true MTB track is like. Sublime singletrack lines and awesome technical downhill. All i have to do now is convince myself i don't need a big bike for the big stuff...damn you "N+1"!!

BTW i've put up a little gallery of some shots from the action shots unfortunately. Next time perhaps (which hopefully won't be too far away).

Gallery can be found HERE.


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