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New Garmin edge coming soon (edge 605 & 705)

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By leximack - Posted on 02 September 2007

my garmin edge has been playing up in the last few months (turning itself off during rides is the main problem) so i thought i would do a bit of searching to see what they are selling for these days. I came across some info that new garmin edge's are coming at the end of this year. Intrigued i seacrhed some more, i found info on the garmin website
Looks as though they will be realeased in december this year, main differences seem to be colour screen and gps turn by turn street navigation, battery life is estimated at 15hrs which i think is a few more than the current models, it also says you can transfer courses wirelessly to another edge 705 user, pretty cool stuff. Being abit of a gadget guy i think i will wait and get the edge 705 rather than the current 305, i think it will be $541 rrp US so who knows about here, sounds like a good christmas present to me, aussie maps are listed in there options so hopefully it will be released here at the same time with aussie street maps.
Yep, its expensive, but looks cool, just hope my current edge hangs on for another few months. So start saving the penny's and start bribing and pampering the ministers of finance as the new edge is coming


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Just what I've been looking for!

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I have seen some posts about this last week, looks real good, much more featured than the old Garmin, but i think the map is navigation map is sold separately around $300 USD, which is way too much

Love to get this since i lost my Garmin 305, but the price may put me off!


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i know most women would think im weird but that thing is pure bike porn and its not even inodized!!!

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Make sure you have the latest software on your Edge if it's playing up. I used to have problems but it's all good now.

Oddly Garmin have software updates classified as the GPS module updates and then Edge 305 updates, both of which go into the unit.

That said, this 705 thing looks pretty cool.

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i have updated all of the software/firmware etc, but still turns off every now and again, seems to be an internal error, if i tap it in a certain area on the left side of the unit it turns off, so maybe a lose internal connection? it seems to be very difficult to open it and even if i could i doubt i would know what to do anyway. I will wait for the new models to come out, buy one, then i can play with the current one and try and fix it with no worries about making it worse, if i fix it can always ebay it or keep it on the commuter bike.

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I've been looking at getting something like this ever since I got my MTB. Can you load up gps tracks and navigate your way to them, then log it? I don't really care for navigation maps though.

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You can do that on the current Edge. I mean, find someone else's course on MotionBased, load it up and follow it.

There are also tools about to convert GPX, etc. to courses so you can trace topo maps or Google Earth/maps and follow that too.

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I like the fact that they have 3 modes of transport... looks like a complete training tool...

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it may be waterproof but have they solved the gnarly problem of dust and mud under the buttons?!?#?
Looks fantastic - now how to get one under the wire when the 605 is less than 12 months old hmmmmmm...

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have been doing some research on pricing and stuff and have found the edge 705 (due next month hopefully) from this place,
I have emailed them various questions, mainly regarding whether it will work ok over here (since sold from the US) and they have advised that all the garmin units shipped all over the place are the same, the 705 and 605 can accept city map data which can be purchased locally if wanted. Even if i do buy the map data from here it will work out much cheaper overall. Warranty is covered by Garmin locally of purchased from an approved garmin retalier (ie not from ebay).
Can anyone see a problem with ordering one of these from overseas.

Pricing wise including shipping works out to be about $660 AUS. These will sell for approx $849-$899 AUS when release here. The local shops cant give an exact date of delivery or even an exact price.

P.S. My current edge is really playing up now and am going to attempt to pull it apart this week and see what i can work out. Even if i do fix it i will still order the new one anyway, so nothing to lose really


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I'm keen to buy a 2nd hand Edge 305 if it all works ok.

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can't wait - need a gps for general use since I seem to get lost with monotonous regularity around sydney, and colour map on the bike - too much!! Says first quarter 2008 on Garmin - do you really think pre xmas delivery?

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my current edge is a 205, it doesnt have heart rate or cadence, and the altimeter is worked out by GPS position, its not a barimetric altimeter (so not 100% accurate). I wont be pulling it apart until the new 705 arrives. I will keep the old edge 205 as a spare anyway if i can get it to be reliable.
Also just ordered the Edge 705 with HR and cadence, not sure on delivery time, hoping for before xmas, but will be more like Jan sometime


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Hi again Don!

We ship to Oz every single day, thank goodness! When it's summer in Oz, it's winter in New Mexico.

Thanks for the mention, we appreciate that too!


GeoMan Gear
Garmin GPS
Lupine LED Light Systems
We Ride!

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your everywhere geoman, you stalking me or something?
i should get some sort of commission for recomending your company to all my fellow cyclists.
How about you send me 2 705's instead of one when there released, hehe
Catchya later

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Simply put, we follow the cycling community - worldwide. When we hear we are being discussed over on NOBMOB, for instance, we head over there to check it out and try to add something useful to the forum community. That's our goal anyway!



GeoMan Gear

Garmin GPS
Lupine LED Light Systems
Yep, we ride too!

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Just thought you might be interested in the following:

I myself have an Edge 205, but was a little bit unsatisfied with the navigational possibilities of the unit, especially the limited map capability (simply a line) was not enough for me, so I created a webtool that lets you download maps to your Edge or Forerunner.

CourseMapper is a webtool that lets you draw maps and then you can even combine them with an uploaded course so you can have all the features such as virtual partner and altitude graph available when you follow the course.

CourseMapper website



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Just a quick note to let you all know that the new URL for CourseMapper is:

The old server is down, so don´t forget to update your bookmarks.. You will not be re-directed.

Also I have refreshed the site somewhat.

Have a nice day!


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The 705 sure does look tasty!!

I just find it very hard to justify spending up to $600 on what a $25 cycle computer does...


I seem to have lost my $25 computer... so maybe thats a sign? hmmm

Maybe I could stretch to the 305 hmmmm


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Loz - the 705 is great, it is well worth $600.
Does everything you will ever need it to do and then some
$25 computer is like a Hyundai Getz (no offence to gets owners)
$600 egde is like a ferrari
sure they both get you from A-B, but the egde will get you there in style with every bit of info you want to see.


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Hi All,

I now have a new htc smart phone with CoPilot Live (GPS) installed.

Anybody out there that knows if maps from motion base can be added?

I have since found out that there is a site set up to up load speed camera locations but I'm still learning.

Any help appreciated.

Salad is what food eats Smiling

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