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chain problem?

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By Caro - Posted on 02 September 2007

Hi there!

Sorry to ask a very basic question but I am still getting my head around the whole 'technical fix your bike' stuff. Puzzled

I cleaned my chain after the OF ride yesterday and noticed that one of the links wasn't moving anymore. I tried to clean it, put heaps of oil on it and tried to move/bend it manually for a while to loosen it. It has slightly improved but not too much really.

Is that normal and just dirt or is it possible that something is bent (that I can't see)??
And should I replace it or see what happens when riding next time?


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could just be a little squished. Do you have a chain breaker?

Good quality breakers have two thingies you can put the chain on. The main on pushed the link in tight, but the other allows you to spread the link a bit. Try putting the link on the mount thingie closest the the bit you wind in.
Apply a small amount of force to the pin and it should loosen up.

Alternatively, if you haven't got a breaker grab either side of the link and try bend the chain sideways, back and forth. Don't over do it.

Hope that makes sense, I'm a bit drunk so probably not.

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Thanks Flynny!
Have a chain breaker (which has never been used or looked at Smiling ) and I'll give it a go!
I think I can sort of understand what you are saying.

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and have to review my post, I think I actually don't quite understand after all/ at all Eye-wink
But probably it is just because I don't have a good chain breaker and it doesn't have the right thingie!

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Find the link that is stiff, hold the chain on either side of this "stiff" link and bend the chain back and forth sideways. Most of the time this will fix it atleast until you get to the next group ride and someone can show you how to use the chain breaker and what the little thingies are he is talking about.


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get a Rohloff Chain in the first place!!!!!

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If so use the chain breaker to safely remove the bike from the chain then buy a new bike to fit said chain too, problem will then be fixed.

Happy to help Eye-wink


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When removing Cannondale, please remember to dispose of waste thoughtfully. Place it in the nearest waste receptacle. Like all good litter. Laughing out loud

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Thanks guys for making me lol at 7.20 in the morning!! Love it!Laughing out loud

At least I didn't break two bikes in two days as some other person who will remain unnamed but maybe Norco is not such a fabulous brand after all.... mmmmhhh?? Eye-wink

I see you at the Mont so you better Rush Rush Rush!! Sticking out tongue

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My Norco is dynamite!!!!!
How can u break a Norco??
I like to know.
BTW, if u like a Rohloff chain, SLT-99, I have a spare one I bought in Germany last time I was there!

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Tell 'er the price Bernd Eye-wink

FWIW, they give you a crappy chain on purpose so you can replace it with something better Sticking out tongue

I have 2 spare HG93s from Drop'n'Zone, paid slightly more than the 2 before that which came from T7 at a stupid 20 bucks each.

Keep an eye for specials and pick a couple up for when you need 'em.

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It's not cheap,but bl**dy good!
I paid E36 which was at the time about $65, yes you get 3 chain's out of that Rob, but I like my German Gear!

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Has any body else tried one, cause nobody would talk up anything the way Bernd has spoken about these chains unless they were really bloody good or he's absolutely mad. I think we would all like our chains and so the whole drivetrain to last longer. Maybe the Germans aren't adding putty to their metal to make you replace everything more regulary.

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towards the German being Mad, but only slight.

Now I'm no technical expert, either mechanically or on the trail, but what I do know is that they are the only chains I haven't broken or been using when I have had ongoing gear changing problems. (Notice here that I say ongoing, not just a poorly adjusted derailluer).

Are they worth the price tag, couldn't tell you to be honest. I've had one on the Kona, in its various forms, for a couple of years now and one on the Enduro since his last trip OS. Would I cough up for another one, yes, although I might try out an xtr on N+1, given the weight savings.

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alright with all this talk you got me worried now! Sad

R you saying I have to get a new chain just because it is a bit bent???? And is it more likely to break, now that it is/was bent? (Still haven't managed to bent it back)

Should I get one of those link things so I can fix the chain (if somebody shows me how) in case it breaks on the next ride? Puzzled

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....always carry at least one spare link & a chain breaker.

I bet you probably have one of the cheaper shimano chains which bike company's seem to put on bikes that should come with something much better. Some people have good luck with them & some have nothing but trouble, for me I had nothing but trouble. After replacing it with a Dura-ace/xtr chain it runs as smooth as can be & the new chain is only worth $50.00 if you shop around.

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Fix it, always carry a chain breaker and change the chain to an XT or XTR soonish a sram joining link is good as well.
The cheap chains break easier and wear faster, once they stretch they then destroy the whole drivetrain.

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Get a Wipperman link rather than a SRAM link, much easier to disconnect and bomb proof. For that matter get a wipperman chain too!

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Yeah... I tried a Wipperman chain once. Don't recall it lasted very long so am sticking to HG93s these days.

To be honest (touch wood and all that) I don't recall ever snapping a chain on the trail. Although I have repaired numerous chains for people who couldn't. Rob's method (I presume is same as others) is to remove the dodgy link and one next to it being very careful not to push the pin this requires all the way out. Then re-join and push link back in. Who needs powerlinks when this is so easy?

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Just make sure you put it on the right way around.

They are easier to disconnect than SRAM but I've also had one disconnect mid trail on me.

Not sure how it happened. Was orientated correctly but came off after I got a stick hooked up in the cranks. manged to fine the links again so all was good but I generally run SRAM links now

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Sounds like there is a whole new world out there that I didn't know anything about!! Smiling
Thanks for all your tips and suggestions, much appreciated!


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