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Ay up delay

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By Caro - Posted on 04 September 2007

Hi guys!

Just had an e-mail from Ay up saying that the delivery of the medium lights is delayed for at LEAST another WEEK!! Sad
They say they have heaps of the intermediate ones in stock, so I am wondering (impatient as I am) should I just get the intermediate option for the handlebars instead?

Choices, choices.... does anybody have both and could tell me how different they are? I've seen the pics to compare but they are only pics...

Caro (who would LOVE to have had her lights delivered YESTERDAY!!) Eye-wink

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Was keen to buy some myself... Sad

While ppl are formulating answers to Caro's question, does anybody know when they are bringing out switches for the power packs?

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I am interested in the Dual Battery Charger. I would like to know when that is being released.

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Caro, a weeks not long (only one night ride). The broad beam would be good on tight single track about 2.00am during the Mont.

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hiya - can any of you guys pass on a contact number or email for ayup possibly?

It's looking like i may be a very late entrant in the scott24 and i'm gonna need some lights, but their site seems to be down Sad

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there fast with there orders, if you order now and there in stock you would receive them late next week

good luck


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thanks Don!

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