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Sydney 12 Hour

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By goatman - Posted on 09 September 2007

Here's a shot of my young bloke at the Sydney 12 hour yesterday. A great day was had by all, really fun event!

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So is he Goatboy?

Where were all the NobMobbers at the 12 hour? It's an institution!

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i was there in a VERY VERY relaxed team. i think we actually only rode for about 6 hrs, we had numerous stops, 1.5hrs for lunch as a team and 1.5hrs for dinner as a team plus other stops plus leaving at 8pm made for very few laps being ridden. I didnt mind though, i did about 6 laps personally and that was plenty, didnt like peeling the mud off the bike/drive train after every lap, was a fun course though once it dried a little, the crossmarks were absolutely terrible in the wet slippery conditions early on but came good once the slick surface had gone. I think i was doing 40-42 ish minute laps, slow compare to the elite guys who were doing 30min laps. Fun day though, will go again next yr

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Was that taken on a race lap or on the bit of singletrack behind the camp area?

Did anyone win a prize for hitting a cone?

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Mitchell was racing when I took that photo, it was about 80m before finish line, on his 2nd lap he did a time of 40min 25secs and he's 12, I'm gonna need some roids soon to stay in front of him.
Don't know about the cone thing?

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C'mon John. Don't give us that. You're proud as punch that Mitch is that fast. It exudes out of you when you talk about him. And fine too... he is an awesome little rider for his age. You'll be even more proud in 5 years when he is beating almost everyone in the country.

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I do have the proud dad thing pretty bad but I still like to be a little faster than he is, I've got a year or 2 left if I train hard Smiling

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While your son might have youth on his side, guile and cunning wins every time.
As he gets too fast adjust his brakes to bind a little, reduce his tyre pressure, increase his bob, etc.
Call it resistance training - you know it will help him in the long run.

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On race days he's right on my case about tyres and rubbing brakes so if you see me out riding in a year or 2 on my Giant Anthem and my son on a new HEAVY downhill bike you'll know he's recently given me a floggin. The Anthem is about 11.5kg, how heavy can you get those big rigs? Eye-wink

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