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Beginner ride - Interested?

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By Justin - Posted on 28 March 2006

I'd like to organise a beginner / lurker ride - probably manly dam or Terry hills.

This would be a gentle, easy pace, with regular stops for everybody to catch-up and bail out options. Probably not suitable for the mega-fit or regular riders, the point of this ride is take it easy (manly dam in 1.5-2hours)

This stems from me thinking I would like to see some of the folks on this forum!

What do you think? Maybe organise at a more convenient time eg. 10:30 sunday morning this week or next?

Respond to this message in the forum with your preference for time / date / place - once I get enough interest I'll set it up.

0419 611 681

Update - see your email - Manly Dam this Sunday

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Keen for Saturday but would probably prefer an 8.30 start.

Don't care where, Manly is obviously the more technical of the two but the sand and distance make Terry Hills a more taxing ride, atleast for me. Maybe Morgan Rd XC track, not too long and only the one tech climb at the start. Also better options for extending the ride if people are keen.

At the end of the day though, happy with any location.


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That's probably a good point Stuart.

I don't know what J's facination with the Dam being an intro ride is - I don't really think it is at all. Your suggestion for the XC loop is very valid, less technical stuff to get off and walk on for sure.

FWIW, I took an out of town mate (who said he hadn't been out on the bike for ages) to both places and he seemed to enjoy XC (plus out to the Little Mohab lookout) much more.

P.S. If you have no idea where we're talking about, follow these links:
Manly Dam
Oxford Falls (Morgan Road)

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I've taken lots of new riders out on Manly Dam and it was my first real riding as well.

You remember the technical bits, but manly is actually 90% rideable - it just has some great technical bits, which are easy to walk through and you can easily ride the rest.

My real preference for manly is I don't know the xc loop too well and it would be harder to concentrate on the group - whereas manly I know like the back of my hand.

Anyway, happy to go anywhere - Robin you said you could do a poll - do one for Manly / Terry Hills / Oxford Falls XC for the Beginner ride?

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For my 10 cents worth I agree with Justine. I feel Manly Dam is much less daunting than the Morgan Rd XC loop as the Dam is very clinical and structured where as Morgan's XC is natural in places and very unforgiving for the uninitiated. Lets not scare the newbie’s away!

But what do I know, I haven’t yet done the Big Dam roll off yet ;-(

By the way, Robin, can you add a spell checker to this text section. Please.

Greg (Pikey)

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I vote for a spell checker. F*&K me Greg, get my name right Smiling or find some chick called justine to join the group so at least there is guaranteed confusion

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Gavin Roache

Justin i think you should take them off the north shore drop, right side of Red Hill.

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Robina, see the trouble you have caused!

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My vote is for Terry Hills for a beginner ride everything else is too technical. I also started at the Dam but it was not easy.

Anyway, I thought the beginners organised their own rides??

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I think Justin wants to show the way and is being friendly and all.

Narelle & Stuart & co do organise other stuff but I haven't seen them in the forum lately.

FWIW, my vote was for Terry Hills also, for the same reason (other places have technical stuff that may be too daunting for beginners).

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Awww... isn't he (Justin that is) sweet for wanting to take care of the beginners... but where are their votes for the ride???

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Will all the regular riders please go and bother other forum topics for a while?

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Now is not the time to be shy. Justin has made a really generous offer to give up one of his riding days and show a few of us some of the sweet tracks he calls home at a more relaxed pace. If you've been lurking for a while, now is the time to speak up and get on your bike! No-one will kill you for voicing an opinion, I'm still alive aren't I? At worse you might cause a little friction which atleast provides for some interesting reading.

By the way Liz my vote has been logged.

See you Saturday, or Sunday depending on what will be decided.

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Hey Guys/Gals.

I am new to MTB in Sydney as not been out here long. Interested to hear if this newbie ride is going ahead as I would like to explore Oxford Falls . I am based in Manly. Best to describe myself as averagely fit but bike unfit at this stage. Like single tracks and fast fire trails but would be a bystander when it comes to the technical stuff.

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Hi, the beginner ride is on Sunday 08:30 at Manly Dam - please call or sms me on 0419 611 681.

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Thanks to all who came along today - we had Fargs, Stuart, Liz and nearly Narelle and Sam - going to buy a bungee cord so sam can attach his helmet to his bike...

Good ride, easy pace - was a load of fun and the pace left more time for fun and trying the tougher bits - nearly made it up heartbreak hill!

Cya next time!

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