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Wisemans Ferry - Great Northern Road there and back fun and games

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By kiwiboy - Posted on 10 September 2007

Saturday, 15 September, 2007 - 10:15

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

3 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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Great Northern Road
Meeting Point: 

Wisemans Ferry - by the East ferry crossing (turn right bottom of the hill). There is a good parking area by the kiosk here.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

East Ferry car park - I'll be in the green Freelander.

Planning to go up Commission Track, up through Ten Mile Hollow to the top end of GNR, then back down GNR's rock gardens and Shepherds Gully. Should be around 45 kms

All welcome, see it as mainly a training ride so will be trying to keep a reasonably constant pace if my old legs are up to it!!


Who's in?
Rob, Matt, kiwiboy, ar_junkie, leopafe, Gilbo, Steve 01, canuck1 (8 riders)
Rob Matt kiwiboy ar_junkie leopafe Gilbo Steve 01 canuck1
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evan's picture

Hiya Kiwiboy,

Looking forward to doing the GNR again but it wont be this time now. Sad
Forgot I had the landlords coming over for a property inspection.

Cya there

Have fun

Rob's picture

GNR Rocks Smiling

Will be trying to get you to ride this in reverse though Eye-wink

Car pool anyone?

ar_junkie's picture

Been wanting to ride this for ages!!!
Might have to reschedule the physio appointment... Shocked

kiwiboy's picture

Why would you want to go up Shepherds Gully and down Commission track??

Commission track is so boring to go down - but a good hard grind up, and Shepherds Gully is a blast down.

Not too wedded to any direction though.. happy to go with the consensus.

Bear in mind kiwigirl and I are nearly supervets - so might be a more sedate pace for us than you young types ;-.

Glad of the company.

Alex's picture

i might be in on this too- bringing up the rear Smiling

Rob's picture

Oh man, do you really want to ride 45Ks on the Session?!

Not that I'm trying to put you off or anything Eye-wink

Stuart M's picture

Well, you know you want to

Rob's picture

Yeah... tell the missus to BS the agent that you had to go into the office or something. The place will look cleaner without your bike being around and they'll think you're really dedicated to keeping up they payments Eye-wink

evan's picture

Wanting and actually happening are completely different.
Trust me, I'm not happy about it. Sad

I'll also refer you the following conversation Minister of Finance


kiwiboy's picture

40-45 ks is not too bad on that track - quite a bit of down hill aye.
Like I said, training ride it is - but still some time for playing I am sure!!

Alex's picture

all good with me on the session hehe but ur right ill prob slow yall down too much on the inclines.. ill catch ya next time Smiling

canuck1's picture

Chris wants in on this ride please. Is the meeting point the same as the one on the map or elsewhere? All new to me...thanks.

Rob's picture

Yup - hit the directions link from GNR ride page or above.

FWIW, I like to ride up Shepherds Gully so one is reasonably fresh to hit the technical challenges from there to top of Western Commission. Undoubtedly the best piece of technical riding around Sydney.

Plus, Shepherds Gully is rough to ride down and a bit torturous. I understand wanting to do Western Commission for the distance training, but it's dull firetrail. At least when you go down there, the smooth trail brings insane speed on the descent and lots of grins.

That said, this is Kiwiboy's ride so will go where he leads.

canuck1's picture

Thanks Rob. The more technical the better! I am up for anything with dull fireroad being at the other end of the spectrum. If anyone out there wants to carpool from the west please let me know.

kiwiboy's picture

Never ridden up Shepherds, so I guess that could be a refreshing change.
I kinda like going down the technical bits, but up is good too.
I'm pretty easy about it - not feeling too precious one way or the other Eye-wink just love the track and need a good ride.

kiwiboy's picture

Hey Alex you can keep me company if you want to come along - kiwigirl and I are no speed freaks let me assure you. We will be doing the tortoise thing - slow but steady!! Smiling

Alex's picture

thanx kiwi Smiling having a big ride tomorrow, if my legs are up 4 it ill join you, if not, ourimbah! ill post tmorrow eve...

Matt's picture

Just enough rain to tamp down the trails today and nice temps, bring on the fun stuff!

For my 2c on the route I think up Shepherds Gully and back down again at the end is the way to go just for the fun factor... I guess we can always split up if the faint hearted don't fancy the downward leg (Rob you big jessie ;-}).


kiwiboy's picture

We had a great day at GNR - thanks to all the team that allowed me to ride sweep (erm sweeping myself!!) and waited for me - geez I dunno give them all a sedative!

Images are up - including Steve's spectacular OTB !! Lee wouldn't do his again for the camera although I did ask nicely.

Few aches and pains I suspect - Tracy & I peeled off early due to other committments and blasted down Western Commission Track while the boys went and played elsewhere. My brakes were smokin' at the bottom!

Thanks for the company all...

Rob's picture

What an awesome day - it doesn't get much better than this! Erm... but didn't I say that after the last GNR ride? Must be getting addicted to this trail! Eye-wink

Thanks to all, a wonderful ride! Smiling

canuck1's picture

Great to meet the mob! Thanks for great day everyone, looking forward to the next ride.

ar_junkie's picture

And plenty of stacks all round...
Luved the technical (up & down), can't wait for the next GNR fun! Sticking out tongue

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