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For Sale: 2009 Pivot Mach4 frame + fork for sale

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By Isildur - Posted on 14 July 2011


Heya All,

Well, it's come time to sell my beloved Mach4 Frame & Fork. This move back to the big smoke, with all the qualitiy gravity riding around, has meant that the bike is not getting very much use at all. Certainly not enough to have it collecting dust in the garage like it is currently. I would much prefer it under the stewardship of someone who's going to actually get some riding out of it, as I think it's getting a bit lonely down there, upside-down and not out on the trail! Eye-wink

Don't worry, it's not like I'm giving up on riding, more that I'm looking to invest in the discipline I'm doing far more of these days! Living 10 mins drive from Oxy, and 20 mins drive from the Moo at St Ives, does have some benefits! As such, I'm looking to grab a Phoenix frame pronto, and so am asking for the help of you all.

I've put my Mach4 up on Rotofark, and if you, or you know anyone who's looking for an awesome XC/Trail frame + fork, please point them to it.

And of course I'm still going to be riding the XC side of things - just on a slightly older HT until the next big bike project gets it's breath of life Smiling


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Size? Smiling

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Hi Hawk,
The frame is a Large size (609mm TT).

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What model is the fork?

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Hi Mate,
It's a 2009 Rockshox Reba Team. At 120mm currently (can be set anywhere between 80mm & 120mm internally), and has Maxle Lite 20mm thru-axle.

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