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Showers at TH car park

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By Andy Bloot - Posted on 05 August 2011

Quick question peeps
At the Terrey Hills shops car park
Do the dunnies there have a shower for an after ride freshen up


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kitttheknightrider's picture

Nope, sorry Bloot but there is a tap outside.

Andy Bloot's picture

Could have sworn there was a shower

I feel like I know you Kit
Are you a friend of Beany's lol

Dibbler's picture

All you need

GAZZA's picture

I thought sweat was your aftershave?

hawkeye's picture

... and point it at Gazza! Eye-wink

Andy Bloot's picture

You are right
I believe in the power of man pheromones

ben.archer's picture

There are showers in the public loos by the rugby pitch just behind the fire station car park, however not even the rugby club are game to use then.......

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