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Bike carrier

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By geoz - Posted on 17 September 2007

Ladies & Gents,

I'll have to buy a bike carrier (hoping that my dear wife will join now that we have successfully procured a baby seat for my bike).
I am looking for a specific type (if I can get it): it should go into the tow bar hitch, and should support the wheels rather than suspending the bikes from a top mount. 2, better 3 bikes capacity.

I noticed something like that on the back of a white pickup; not sure who it belongs to but I think the gent joined one of the night rides, too.

Many thanks in advance for hints re who manufactures such a carrier, and where to buy.



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That was most likely me that you saw with the bike rack on the back of my rodeo, I bought it from the "Bike Shop Of Castle Hill". It cost $300.00, is rated to carry 80kg & fits a Hayman Reese type tow bar.

Word of warning, if you are going to use this on a normal car the long overhang & low height could make it tricky getting into driveways etc. The rack is perfectly suited to taller vehicles like 4WDs.

I am 100% happy with mine, give me a pm or call my mobile if you want to come & look at it.

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Thanks, Bruce.

I drive a Land Rover Discovery, the carrier should be all right.


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My Dad and I made a 3 bike carrier with a similar deign to the gripsport racks. Because Dads van is so low we put a bend into the tube which goes into the towbar hitch, bad description, I might take some photos later to explain it better. Overall it was alot cheaper to make the rack than buy a pre-made one, so if you have the equipment you might want to try making one.

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