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Rear Shock Issue

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By kungy - Posted on 17 September 2007

Hi Guys/Girls, First time poster, long time reader.

Could anyone help me with the following issue in regards to my rear shock Rock Shox MC 3.1 which has started to squeak quite loudly in the first 1-2 mm of travel.

I've cleaned the outer of the rear shock and tried taking out all the air pressure, inverting the bike and cycling the rear shock a couple of times and that removed the squeak (i think the cycling of the shock travel a couple of times has rebathed the internals with shock oil).

1) But what i wanted to know was should i be concerned that the shock was squeaking? My Mongoose Teocali bike is under a year old and i'm quite diligent in cleaning the shock after each ride.

2) Additionally is there any shock/fork lubricant that i could use to quickly clean the shock internals and wipers just by using it compressing the shocks a couple of times and wiping it off. I've seen reference to silicon spray

3) Also do air rear shocks from SRAM always sound a little "wheezy" when they cycle. It is quite a peculiar sound that i haven't ever heard on Fox shocks.

Thanks in advnace


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I am sure that is not how you spell advance

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