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Oaks plus side trips

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By Rob - Posted on 04 April 2006

With only 4 weekends 'til the Dirtworks it's time to get into gear for some long rides. Don't know about anything else, but would like to do at least one trip to The Oaks and add in a couple of side trips.

Was reading Fat Hippy's stuff last night (it's on the links page) and St Helena and Nepean Lookout sound the pick. Although St Helena raises the question of going out that way or doing it as an out and back.

Anyhow - please comment if you're interested, this will be a 50K+ and would ideally want to try it on April (pick one) 8/9/29/30.

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would be good

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Erm... sure... Sunday? Anyone else?

8:30 at the top of the track (Taylor St. I think).

Down the usual way 'til the left turn to Helenas. All the way to the bottom on this route, then back up the firetrail turning left at the gate for Neapean lookout before grinding back up to the top.

Bail out at the bottom for those without the legs or time for the rest?

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While you were busy throwing yourself down the slippery slopes of the Canadian Rockies, we (Justin, Peter, Lisa, Paul, a friend of Peter's ans I) gave the Andersons plus Oaks trail a shot... we didn't finish because it was just too hot that day, but I wouldn't mind giving it another go .. is over 50km... train from Glenbrook to Wentworth Falls....

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I took a look at FH's guide on this too and sure, why not? I'm easy Smiling

Well, it's an option anyhow, meaning if we get to Glenbrook and the trains are stuffed we can revert to an up/down Oaks only, otherwise try Andersons too. I doubt heat will become a factor now.... brrrrrr!

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we did helenas last week. it is great!. far less pedalling up hills than oaks. one technical session in the middle. far better ride than oaks.
didnt post the ride as some get far too confused with soooo much choice!!!....

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Actually... the trains from Glenbrook to Wentworth Falls run 24 minutes past each hour and take an outrageous 42 minutes for the trip!

For the train up option then, how about a 9:10-ish meet then? An hour before then is a big ask on a Sunday morning Eye-wink

Depends on who's coming but we could juggle cars? Maybe?

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I am keen for this week end the 9/04/06 and the 29/04/06. Oaks is always good but keen to try St Helena and Nepean Lookout as I have not done these before.

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