five mile creek

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By christine - Posted on 07 April 2006

Hello, I just found you all on the net and joined. I am really a horse rider who tries on my bike. I was wondering if anyone had done the Five Mile Creek ride and if it goes off of Hilversum Cres and if so... is it hard and can you go around in a loop?
Thank you!


ps we think the maps are fantastic - is there one coming for Red Hill?

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Yes, you are right that you can get down to Five Mile Creek from Hilversum Cres. Just head down the firetrail directly at the end which twists down to meet the main trail. Towards the end it does get rather overgrow though, like this:

Thx for the praise too, you're too kind Smiling I do have Red Hill traced out, but don't really know the way around there too much so haven't put it in our KMZ yet. Perhaps I should just bung it in anyhow and let people correct me, as happened with Oxford Falls Eye-wink

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