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My new ride

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By Jonathan - Posted on 27 August 2011

My new stumpjumper fsr evo expert.

Excuse the pedals..

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Don't worry about the pedals. AS long as they have decent pins on them, they'll be fine. Just don't go swapping for cleats just yet if you're looking to hit some bigger lines.

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Very nice. I bought a 2010 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Comp and am very happy with it. have not ridden it much due to some health problems. But not they are fixed I am getting my fitness back to really try the bike out.

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btw were you riding in freshwater on Saturday?

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... and nothing wrong with the pedals.

You just need a matching jersey ... I think AMBC (the mtb skills clinic guys who advertise on this site) do a nice one that says "Ride Like a Girl" ... or something Eye-wink

Although the way I rode yesterday at Oxford Falls, maybe I need to buy them off you. Shoes and pedals got jammed up with clay and I managed to find a couple of painful places to find out I couldn't get my feet out of the pedals. Sad

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Hahahah lol. i was thinking about a matching jersey today, camo pants will go well Smiling

I don't mind the colour of the pedals, you cant see it in the photo that there plastic, thats what bothers me.

I cant say i was at freshwater on saturday. Picked it up that morning and went straight to golden jubillee. Awesome place, defiantly need to do a NoBmoB group meet there. Had lots of fun at the skills section. The XC track was very good only problem was me.. i really need to harden up!!

Thanks for all the positive feedback, cant wait to test it out on local terrain.

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Were you a part of the group of 4 or so guys looking around mid to late morning? One guy on a 575 I seem to recall?

Sorry for hijack btw

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Nah, not I. Smiling

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