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8/9th April rides

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By Justin - Posted on 07 April 2006

Saturday 08:30 - Cascades - Meet far end of Wyatt Ave (turn left where Morgan rd is to the right)

Sunday 09:00 - Oaks + Nepean + Helenas 09:00 meet at Glenbrook station - ride up to Nepean lookout, then up the Oaks trail to the Helenas turnoff and back down the Helenas track to Glenbrook, finishing probably by 1pm. The Purdy Gang will meet us coming down the trail and do Helena's trail with us.

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Someone has a new toy, to check out the detail on today's ride in The Oaks, follow this link:

St Helena Trail turned out to be a doozy. About 9km of downhill single trail. A few small climbs and some rather technical bits along the way, there's more to the story though & we took plenty of pics, so look out for them in the gallery and perhaps a detailed write up soon.

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Check out the photos in the gallery, but the St Helenas track turned out to be fantastic - but for those of a technical mindset! The climb at the end down to the gorge and back out was murder - but I still think the 10km of fantastic singletrack was worth the effort. We covered 58k for the day, a great effort considering how underprepared (no extra food) we were. Thanks to the Purdy Gang for leading us down the St Helena track (and waiting at the corner when we overshot the turnoff Smiling

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