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Calling all tall riders

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By Rich de Pom - Posted on 02 October 2007

Im 6ft 2 " tall and fed up getting different information from shops in what size frame I should get.
I tried out a LARGE Cannnondale Rush and it felt quite short and was assured at the time that I needed a large and not extra large.
I would like to know if anyone who is the same height as me what bike they ride and what frame size. In particular Specialized, Cannondale, Yeti, Santa Cruz and Giant.
Any other advise, tips etc would be greatfully received.

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Hiya Rich de Pom,

I'm 6ft tall and ride all large bikes. My bikes are Giant XTC 2, Scott MC 40 and Scott S60(road bike). Personally I would not like to ride any bike smaller than this.

IMHO jump on different bikes when you get the opportunity and try them out. Whatever you feel comfortable on is the right one for you. Different manufacturers are slightly different in sizing and feel. Try before you buy.

Found this:


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Hey Evan, do you measure "inside leg" from right up the top sweaty part or the bottom of the tackle? In my case this is quite different. Or does the "inside leg" mean the actual length of the sometimes otherwise known "third leg", in which case the tables don't go long enough for me?

Ok, now that I have wasted everyones time with that tripe, time for you all to get back to work

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If this doesn't put you to sleep you'll find it very useful hopefully.


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Not wrong there. This would put an isomniac asleep. I have been on official sites but they are not usually that great. I am pretty fussy and I know that people preferences vary, but would like personal opinions. Is it me or is it really hot for this time of year? Plus I am a pommie and being in October duoes freak me out Eye-wink

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Dreaming again Stu !

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Or maybe I'm just like an old ram and need that "support net"

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you really need to try them out, i have 2 x giant Xc bikes, one is a medium and 1 is a large.
The size you get will depend heavily on frame design/geometry

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I have a Santa Cruz Heckler that I is an extra large frame. I'm 6'2 as well and find this a perfect size. In contrast I also have a Nomad which is a large frame and I notice a big difference on comfort between the 2. Maybe try the extra large Heckler

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23 inch frame as im 6ft 4" but was told that i only needed a 21 inch frame
i suggest trying it
im glad i bought the 23" as you get the better ride height and you dont feel like a massive clown on a little bike

a quick question is about Dirt jumpers or trials bikes
do you just buy the biggest frame available or have i answered my own question in just ride it and try it


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Bikes I have been looking at are;
Cannondale Prophet
Specialized Stumpjumper
Yeti 575
Santa Cruz Blur (even though they are a big boys bike)
Giant Reign
Mainly go to Manly Dam and Oxford Falls, but would also like to ride to work.
Bit of a scardie cat when it comes to doing jumps. Being tall it hurts more when you fall.

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Just bought a Norco Six 1 in L frame, if you want something a bit burlier then that might be a good pick, i'm 6' exactly give or take a couple of centimeters and it feels just right.

I just got an offer too good to refuse on it (about 30% off retail) - and there's no way i'd take something lighter with most of the riding i've been doing.

All depends on what sort of riding you want to do but!

For more of the AM/Aggressive XC which is what you tend to be leaning towards there, have a look at the Kona Coilair/Coiler perhaps. I love my Six, can't wait to really break it in. If you're looking at Specialized why not try out the SX trail, bit pricey but a real good do-it-all bike.

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The SX Trail I agree is a great bike but I don't think I would ever use it's full potential as Im a bit of a wozz.
I looked at the Cannondale website and a few others and it looks lik having a 20" or extra large frame. Cannondale says you should look at a Cannondale specialist to advise, pah!
I should go on one of these organised rides and see if someone will let me have a go as Im finding it hard to find a shop that stocks an extra large let alone have a demo bike on load. Bike Addiction will charge me $150 to use one on load and then take off the cost if I buy one, which I sort of understand but VW wouldn't charge for a test drive would they? Saying that they may do......

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I'm 6 foot tall, for XC racing I use a large (20" frame) for general mucking around I prefer a medium (18")

For DH/freeride/Jumping you want a smaller frame so you can throw it around underneath you a bit easier, lets face it for those types of riding you're not in the seat long enough to get a back cramp from the shorter cock pit so as long as you are not bashing your knees on the bars alls good.

For All mountain/all day trail/XC a slightly bigger frame will help make the longer time in the saddle easier on the back and legs.

Either way it's no where near as important to have the exact right size as on a road bike where you are down in one position for most of the ride so most MTB riders go for a frame erring on the smallish size.

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I am bang on 6 feet in the old money.
Riding a 20 inch giant trance.
It was a good idea to change to a 80mm stem shorter by 30mm, but other than that its dialled.

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There's been a bit of comment in here so will throw in my 2c...

I rode an 'L' Cannondale Jekyll for a few years. Thought it was ideal, but that said, have bashed the knees on shifters a couple of times, both were probably not particularly graceful dismounts, if you know what I mean - so not a size problem really Eye-wink

Now am on an 'L' Rush - feels even better. I'm 6' exactly an wear 34 inseam pants if that's not too much info. To be honest for XC riding think being stretched a little might not be such a bad thing, but agree with a few other comments here that shorter cockpit might be advantageous for technical work.

Best thing you can do is try what you can get and pick what feels good. It's a crying shame that a store won't lend you an XL bike on the basis they may get a sale. Like you say - you can test drive a $40K+ vehicle with no worries, why is it so hard to try a few different bikes in the same manner?

FWIW, I'm more than happy to let just about anyone play on my bike for a test if we meet on the trail. Think most riders feel that way. Hope you can find out like this just what fits the best.

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Was told by bike shop that it was the type of bike I had (Rush) and they are going to get me a phrophet to try out and put a longer stem and layback post. was told that the prophet had a slacker head thus reducing the feeling of being over the bars when going downhill. They are also going to sort out a demo Yeti 575 in a large as well.
Thanks for the offer as well Rob.
My journey continues.....

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i am 6ft 4" and ride a large giant trance...the size feels good to me!

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I know it's old ground but good to hear from actual owners than shop.
Looking at a large 575 and the previous owner is 5ft 11". Would this and a lean back post be good or should I just get my coat and leave.

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