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XO / X9, what mechanical difference is there?

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By BM Epic - Posted on 18 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I am thinking of changing from X9 to XO shifters, i know there is a weight difference, i couldn't care less about that, what i want to know is, what mechanical difference is there between the two?..if they are mechanically the same or different, and what performance gain is there over the X9?

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I have XO but don't know if there is a mechanical difference. I can move the trigger on the shifters does X9 do that? When I say move the trigger I mean the position can be changed to suit your feel.

XO looks nice. Apart from that I am not sure. If I see you soon you could check it out.

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You know you've already sold yourself on the XO Todd regardless of any performance increase! bling bling

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Nah, if there is no performance to be gained i wont be, it sounds to me that there is only a slight difference???

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You just keep telling yourself that little fella! $10 that those X0 shifters will be gracing the Evo shortly.

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I can't seem to access the MTBR Forums at the moment, so I'll chime in with my 2c...

I've got X0 shifters on my bikes, and to be honest, they are a worthy upgrade, especially given that they can be transferred between builds.

The biggest difference between them, is that the X0's use sealed bearings whereas the X9's use nylon bushes. This is really noticeable in the smoothness of the thumb paddle, and makes shifting sweeter for longer!

The only other main difference is that the X0's have a reach adjustment on the thumb paddle, so you can place it further forward of back on the shifter body itself. This has really come in handy on the DH bike, where, really, I don't want the paddle anywhere near my thumb Eye-wink

All in all, I say go for it Todd! You definitely won't regret it!

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That is the info i have been looking for, i know that going from xt in shimano up to xtr is a massive upgrade that is worth every cent, was hoping that sram would be similair, sealed bearings will seal the deal!
Thanks Brother!

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Todd - all you have to do now is send JP 10 smackaroos Eye-wink

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Shamefully i think your right Giles, John Paul, your check is in the mail!!!

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You beauty! I'm heading up to the letterbox right now and I won't move until it arrives. You're the best Todd!

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I'm the best until the cheque bounces higher than a super ball!!

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