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By mrptl - Posted on 21 September 2011

Hi guys,

Getting old and taller… I can't bend anymore like I use to.
Thought about buying a workstand.

I got the choice of a $169 on Torpedo7:
or a ~$50-70 on eBay:

Do you think the stand on eBay is a piece of sh*t, that will be good to use only 2-3 times?

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I bought one these six months ago:-
I've had no problems with it, the only niggle I have is that the bike swings slightly.

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ain't they both the same?
i've had one(or very similar) to those for a few years now and it's great.
It folds up and down in a few seconds and is pretty stable. no problems at all.

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The main difference between the one I listed and the other links is the I linked has 4 legs. I went for that because I thought it would be more stable.

I think the main difference between the expensive stands and the cheap ebay ones are the quality of the clamps. If I take the front wheel off, the bike hangs lower at the back because it's out of balance and the clamps don't have enough strength to stop the top tube rotating. It's not really a problem though and something I'm willing to put up with to save $100.

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They look very similar. I have the torpedo 7 one and it is quite good. Stable and folds up quickly to a small size.

The jaws don't move quite enough to grab the bike by just flicking the handle. If you want to clamp on the seat post you need spin the handle a few times while supporting the bike in the other hand and then close by flicking the handle.

The plastic teeth that vary the angle of the jaws (and bike) are not very strong either. There does not seem to be much of a difference in this between the two models.

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I've got the bt999. It does the job and folds up nicely when not in use.

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The Torpedo 7 is quite OK for home use I think - but wait until they have it on special for $99 if you can. Seems to happen every month or so.

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What mechanical jobs do people do on their bikes where they can't just flip it upside down and sit it on a bench? Bench covered in crap eh?

Bike rack on the back of the car also can double as a bike stand.

From memory (I do most stuff myself with it inverted so it's hard to remember), my local bike shop(s) stands are fixed to a heavy bench or brick wall.

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I do everything from cleaning to maintenance.

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That you can't do with it flipped upside down?

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Why would I flip it upside down when I have a workstand Sticking out tongue

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I have one of those Aldi workstands they had on sale last year unused... anyone's for $30?

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If so, I'll take it!

Pm sent.

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Thanks all for you answers.

I think then the eBay should be good enough to do some small job.
But I'm not in the hurry, so I'll wait and see how much they go for on Torpedo when on sale.

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Most jobs are easier on a stand than when the bike is turned over. Setting up/adjusting your gears and brake adjustments are the main ones. Admittedly both jobs can be done upside down but it's a million times easier and quicker on a stand.

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I am considering one of these. Is the price really good? Yes I am being lazy to compare prices.

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Bleeding brakes is another job that is made much easier with a workstand Smiling

I've got the T7 one too. Not as concerned as I was about the strength of the teeth on the part where you lock the jaw angle - the stand will tip over before stripping that becomes a risk

The PCS-9 looks a bit agricultural compared to the BT999... but it does have that Park Tool sticker on it Eye-wink

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Not to defend Park. But, Agricultural works!

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I bought an Andystand from

It works.

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Interesting concept. Small and light. I like that.

1. It Looks like the bike is quite low to the ground. How's your back when you're working on the bike?
2. How do you work on your cranks? Replace BB etc? Is this possible?


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No Phil, you can't work on that area because the stand uses the BB/cranks.

And yes it is low to the ground (ie bike height). I put mine up on the deck to give it a bit more height but obviously not everybody has a deck at the right height available Eye-wink

Really it works best for cleaning, lubing and routine maintenance. Wheels, suspension, brakes, steering and transmission are all easily worked on. It also is quite handy to throw in a vehicle if you're expecting to need a stand out in the wild where the ground might be uneven.

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But wanted to check. Was hoping there might've been a tricky way to make it work. Looks like a great stand to take to races. I really like it. Might have to get me one too.

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I like to look of it. I might have to check what shape the CC is in Eye-wink

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Road bikes might require a stand as the bike does't balance too well inverted.

So far we have "Bleeding the brakes"... and an offering that adjusting gears and brakes is calculated to be roughly a million times easier when a MTB bike is in a stand. I'd like to check those calculations/diagrams/formulae. I find adjusting gears and brakes easier inverted on a bench.

Maybe a poll on the jobs people do with the bike mounted in a stand, could be interesting. Bleeding the brakes is one job would be easier than leaning it against a wall. but, it's not done by all people who buy a stand.

To Remove front wheel and change brake pads do you:
A. Put it in a bike stand
B. Flip it over
C. I don't do this kind of technical thing myself, however I would put it in a stand it if I was going to try it myslef.
D. Brakes are for nubs

To make cockpit adjustments do you:
A. Put it in a bike stand
B. Flip it over
C: Stand over the bike
D: I ride a unicycle

To adjust shock pressures do you:
A. Put it in a bike stand
B. Lean it against a wall with me on it kind of thing
C. Flip it over
D: Other

Anybody a "triple A" stand user?

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Questions 2 and 3 are obviously jobs that need to be done with the bike on the ground. All other jobs are easier on a stand. Cleaning the bike is the most frequent job I do. Working at a comfortable height rather than bending down for an hour makes the stand worth it's money, it also makes the job more enjoyable (hope I'm not the only bloke who enjoys cleaning and tinkering after a ride)

If it is easier to work on a bike upside down, why does every LBS have a stand?

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For the brakes, I'd flip it onto a table under a light, take the front wheel out, do the brake pads, flip it back to the ground as I slot the front wheel under the forks and lower the front of the bike down onto the front axle before tightening the quick release. Upside down, on a bench, I'm standing there looking directly into the guts of the brakes with light from the ceiling light filling that dark cave of braking action.

I haven't watched how a LBS mechanic guy does it.

I can see how it could help if you spend lots of time cleaning the bike, and if you were hosing or buffing it, the stand could hold it firm, as it would wobble out of control flipped on a table. If your wheeling around on a chair next to it, you could get closer to it (with a stand) as I have the bench getting in the way a bit. But I normally stand and use the bench to hold all the crap and tools etc around it.

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(won mine for $24 inc. postage!)

It's basic, but does the job - aloows you to lift the bike off the ground for cleaning/adjusting etc. and save on fliping the bike over (which you shouldn't do as hydraulic brakes & forks/shocks don't like it)

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for my brakes I have Elixir's so I do it on the fly no wheel has too come off so while riding i unscrew the pin pullout old pads & insert new ones then screw pin in , too easy

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Headset bearing replacement/regrease would be awkward without a stand. Sticking out tongue

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Youv'e done this in a stand?

I find standing over the bike, once the fork (with wheel attached) is slipped up under and into the head tube the bike weight helps hold the fork there while I play with rest of it. I've done this on BMX's, jump bikes, road bikes and dragsters just fine without a stand. I think it would be harder in a stand.

How do you do your brake pads? In a stand?

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Noel, your trying hard to convince us you don't need a bike stand Smiling

What about if I flip my bike upside down while on the stand Sticking out tongue

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Cumon, do you put it in the stand to do the brake pads too Brian? How about the last time you did your own headset?

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Well I'm in the same boat as smiley so I don't have to remove the calliper or wheel to replace the pads. I still use the stand though to replace the pads and in fact I do all maintenance and cleaning in the bike stand. I use the stand for the headset as well.

Just get one, you know you want to Sticking out tongue

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I don't need to, I have a toe ball mounted bike carrier that can do the same job, and carry bikes.

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Wouldn't be allowed do the same with the car in the middle of winter to work on the bike

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Reason for a stand number 231:-


Noel's picture

Yeah OK, it's great for that

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Wandered through Anaconda today and noticed their stands "on sale" for $249!

Exactly the same as these ones...

...which are exactly the same as the ones Aldi (thanks obmal!)was flogging a while back for $50 or so.

If you're intending to buy, it would pay to shop around.

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