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Unwrapping the purchases

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By radar36 - Posted on 29 September 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I don't have any questions, just wanted to brag. God I love it when the stuff you bought arrives in the post.

Plus it all turned up at the same time.

V4 Adventure light set from Ayup,which was ordered on Sunday night (thanks for the recommendation Yarg!)

Salomon XT Wings 2 shoes, Stans no tube kit and some other little bits and pieces from Wiggle.

It's like Xmas right now. Smiling

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I use crc for my buys and yes it's cool to get it. I've priced wiggle and thought it was a bit dearer.

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It depends on the product and what day it is and a heap of other factors, which is cheaper for what and when.

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I did check against both sites, and Wiggle came out on top by about $60. The free delivery helped.

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I got the feeling last night. Two packages arrived with a set of XTR pedals, and a Frameskin set for my new bike. Happiness!
BTW the bike was bought from the LBS to support W.A. business a bit as well.'s picture

Bit of a downer this Richey was seat post arrived only to find that the alloy frame Scott's use a 31.6 mm, whereas the carbon frame Scotts are a 34.9mm.

You will see a new entry in the classifieds. A Richey WCS carbon seat post 34.9 mm/400 mm for a bargain price of $100.

At least the Ultegra bottom bracket that arrived with the shipment was correct (only $22), and my road bike will finally stop making terrible clunking noises.

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don't forget evans cycles in the UK for cheap parts

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I dont buy online.
I support the Local Bike Shop.
The service is just so much better.

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Each to their own, I guess. I buy bikes at LBS and get wheels built up, but I have the skills and knowledge to fix everything on my bike, so I buy online from all around the world including Australia.

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