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29er time....

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By garyinoz - Posted on 01 October 2011

After doing a couple of events recently I thought I'd better get a 29er and make an attempt to step up to the 100's next year, so here is my weapon of choice. Hopefully pics below.

Had set on a lefty but then got an offer that was too good to refuse, full carbon and SRAM X9.

Now I have to sell my stumpjumper, hard part is pricing it to sell.

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Very nice. Welcome to the world of big wheels Smiling

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you will love the fisher it is a great bike ownining one myself but not in carbon , it has carbon bits on it but not the frame . What tyres did it come with not the xdx I hope , I have spares if u live close to try different ones

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Still got bontrager tyres on it, will ride it and see about changing before the fling. Be interested to hear what tyres you've tried and what you think? Bike feels like a good fit so looking forward to hitting the trails and trying it out.

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I have tried & still cot the Geax as a back up but I am running Ignitor F & R which suits me especially for little pinch climbs where I used to get slippage with my Bontragers but don't anymore with Ignitors or the Geax

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