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Need an opinion

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By trancex3 - Posted on 01 October 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi all. Needing an experienced opinion about Mongoose bikes. I can get my hands on a 09 model Canaan Elite with full XTR running gear, Hayes hydraulic discs, fox shocks front and rear, originally $3500 retail, can pick one up for $1800. I have been hunting around for a new bike to upgrade to (riding a GT avalanche 2.0 currently), and this seems almost too good to pass up. I know Mongoose and GT are one and the same now, with the "freedrive" system it uses, being technically the GT idrive. Just wondering if this is a good buy?

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Sounds good to me, especially with XTR even if 9-speed rear .

The suspension may be based on the same patents, but there can be a lot of difference in the details of execution.

PS: if it has a Ti XTR cassette, swap it out for an XT for general trail use and keep the light weight cassette for race day.

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Sounds good if it's in real good nick. Be pretty thorough checking it for cracks. Not sure about the 09's but the earlier ones were prone to frame breakages. The dogbone behind the BB can chew through bearings as well. Been a while but from memory they were needle rollers and the whole kit from mongoose including the inner race for the rollers to roll on, was pretty pricey.Check if the forks and shock have been serviced, if not factor this into the price as well. If it has XTR cranks the chainrings can be pretty expensive so check drive train wear. From memory the elite didn't come with XTR but a SLX/XT mix so if it has XTR it has probably been upgraded.

But, you can get a brand new 2011 Giant Anthem X3 off bike exchange for less. Granted it doesn't have the XTR on it but it will have a warranty, 1-1/8 - 1.5 headtube, press fit BB, post mount rear brake and all the other current big things on it. You can always update to XT or XTR as things wear out.
Or there is an Anthem X2 on the central coast for $50 more than your Mongoose.

There is also Trance X3's in this price range and I would say heaps of other runout bargains from other brands at this time of year.

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Although it is good seeing dudes pedal around on unusual bikes (you don't see too many 'Gooses getting around), the reason you see so many Anthems and Trances is because they are brilliant value for money, have the latest technology and even cutting edge virtual pivots. I would find it hard to justify $1,800.00 for a 2 year old bike (used at that) when another $1,000 would buy you an X1 Anthem or Trance.

As the components on the bike are more 'consumable', I wouldn't put too much emphasis on getting XTR as part of the mix. With heavy riding in and around Sydney, these will only last you 6-12 months anyway and will need replacing.

Remember now that we are into October. You are going to be able to walk into a bike shop and get big discounts on new 2011 model bikes. Clarence St (Trek) and Bike Addiction (Giant) would be my recommendations. I would much rather a brand new bike than wearing someone else's.

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Thanks for your opinions guys. Went out today and laid my hands on a 2011 Trance X3. Picked it up for the same price. Feel a lot better buying it, I have heard and read nothing but good reviews. Now we gotta get rid of this rain so I can get it cranking. Damn this rain.

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