You are hereGod I'm unfit. This can only get better.

God I'm unfit. This can only get better.

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By GBH - Posted on 18 October 2011

18 Oct 11

Always provide excuses before the ride.
Old, overweight, unfit, flu, etc.
. . and to think I taught Brad all he knows . .

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Was gonna post a new Dam challenge of "Two in an hour"
Where double lap times are posted and the aim is to get, well, as the challenge states. Two in under an hour.
I Believe Wazza has done something outrageous like two in 53 mins or something close!!!

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That's just nasty. I set myself 3 in 100 mins as a goal but I always fade in the last lap and miss it by a few. I'd be happy if I can do one lap in under 30 let alone a matching pair

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I won't reignite the whole "don't race around the dam because the rangers don't like it and it's a risk etc" debate but I though another challenge which should be less about speed and more about strength and skill would be a seatless lap.

Can anyone ride the whole lap without sitting?

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"Taught Brad all he knows"? Who is this now puffing beast? Eye-wink

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are usualy done at the crack of dawn or just before dark,
1, as it's safer,
2, as nobody's gonna be in the way!
I'd never attempt a hot lap any other time!

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