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Wingello State Forest update for 21 Oct

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By ps - Posted on 21 October 2011

Amber/Some Issues

The yellow loop has been closed due to logging and there is a section of the red loop that has had a detour.
Other than that the trails seemed really dry and not quite as much grip as in the past.

Do you have more information?

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with the yellow loop closed can you still access the fling Hal way hill and outer limits.

I am heading down next weekend to do the middle section of the course, but this may be a stickler !


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I just looked for info and can you believe they say to find out look at the boards at base camp. I mean, we drive 3 hours to find where we want to go is closed, WTF...

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I did look up the 3ring circus map and it has a halfway hill on the yellow loop and if its the same halfway hill then its out of bounds.

I guess that outer limits is also out of bounds because its the other side of the yellow loop. They have gone to the trouble of covering up all the yellow loop signs near the base camp so I guess its all closed over that side of the forest.

They have a sign with all the permit holders for the rest of the year up on the notice board and it does show that the forest is completely closed for the fling. Not sure if it impacts Huw's course or if they will just make it safe for the weekend.

Also there is an article about why the shed was removed. Seems someone cut down that big pine tree to deliberately make it crush the shed. They also cut down trees on the way in to block the road. The locals are not happy as they appreciate the contribution that the mountain bikers make to the local community.

Let me know if you want me to send you a picture of the map. Happy to drive down there just so you know whats open.

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I'm going to contact the organisers next week and see what they say.

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God knows what that means for the fling course, as that makes up 30km of the middle loop. I was looking forward to heading down there to do a course reccee - but from what you described there will be very little of the course that can be ridden.

I am surprise Huw hasn't put something up on the event website.

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Its possible it won't impact the fling course as I interpreted the "forest closed" bit of the notice to mean that the fling has exclusive use of the forest (unlike the other events that just are allowed to run the events while people hopefully stay out of the way).

Huw is pretty organised so if there was a change I am sure we would have posted something.

As for your practice, well seems your the people they want to keep out while they are doing the logging.

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Not that much information to go on really. The red loop is still fun though.

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there really is some idiots around!

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