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wheelset upgrade

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By gravelgrunt - Posted on 05 November 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

I have just put r/s sid xx forks on my bike now i need to upgrade the next weekest point which is my the moment i have the alex sd24 rims which were fitted at the factory on a $1000 bike so assuming they are cheep and nasty.also the hubs are so rough its riddiculess so upgrade time.

I was thinking mavic crossrides but have found 4s and against .looking up to $500.00

even second hand rims if they are good condition.

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good special still on at cell bikes on crossmax STs they are 9mm QR both ends, but can be converted to 15mm or X12 i believe.

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shimano xt for around the same price

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He also has pre built wheels for those on a budget, the guys on the road site speak highly of the wheels they've gotten from him and his downhill wheels look the goods.

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For that price, you can't go past a set of XT WH775 wheels. 1700g Wheelset and you'll get change from $500. There's actually a set for sale on the beaches on rotorburn.

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The mavic crossmax st at Cell are 2008 models. Just called them before buying, will be looking for something else now!

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I ended up picking up a set of shimano mt-15 from a fellow bloger so they will do for now.i did the same ringaround and found cells crossmax were 2008 also .

must admit the mt 15 are basic but so much stiffer than the factory alex sd24 that were on my bike.

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I am also looking to upgrade my wheelset in the near future(hopefully it will be my xmas pressie)

I'm no lightweight at 85kg
The crossmax ST looks good at that price, how does it compare with the XT wheelset ?
Also if I go with XT should I go with the XC version or the trail version ?
I run a 15mm fork the crossmax is covertable to 15mm I assume ?


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I'm a couple of kg lighter than you and have been running XT's in the QR XC model for 3 years. I have only had to true them once in about 3-4000km of riding. I did replace the bearings to ABEC 5's only cause I wanted to. They roll a heap better for it too. They are stiff enough and from what I have read about the new ones they are stiffer again. If you keep the maintenance up and clean and grease the bearing every 6 months or so and they will last forever.
FWIW, the cup and cone bearings are more suited to wheels than cartridge bearings due to their superior handling of side loads hence why you see them on the front wheels of cars with the fore, aft and side loading that they cop.
I also run XT hubs on my singlespeed.

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The crossmax in 2009 and earlier have many reports of problems with the freehubs, plus spare parts are not readily available and are expensive.

I am looking at upgrading my Reign 2 2011 wheels. They use a 465gm rim which is only a few grams heavier than all the recommended rims for all mountain use. If the rotating mass is not much different I am wondering if there is any point upgrading at all.

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Fulcrum Red Metal 3 from Wiggle at $499 platinum price minus $40 voucher looks like a great buy right now. 1685gm wheelset.

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