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For Sale: Mens Shoes - MTB and Road

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By Antsonline - Posted on 26 November 2011


I am selling all my spare shoes - I literally have so many pairs that these dont get ridden.

I am size 46 in Sidi or 45 in Specialised.
Pretty much size 10.5 / 11.

They are in good nick. The Black Sidi Ergo Pro Carbon road shoes are excellent. They are patent leather, so look great and are easy to clean.
The Sidi white MTB shoes are worn, but have a lot of life left in the soles, and given you can replace bits of the soles, its easy to bring them back to life. A good shoe.
Nike road shoes are slippers. Really light and mininal.
Spec Grey MTB shoes are a bit older, so will let them go for $50

All shoes have carbon soles. They were (are) all top of the range shoes.

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I just bought my specialised not long ago second hand but I think the ratchet or the tongue needs replacing , you got any of them spare Ants

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I dont have any 'spare' as such.
I do know that you can buy the rachet / tongue seperately from a Spec dealer (as I broke mine once and needed a replacement for the above shoes.

To be honest though, if you get no luck anywhere else, I'll just flog you the rachets and tongues off these shoes for $20.
Give it a week and see if anyone wants these as a 'complete shoe', and then if not, we can sort something out.

Seem fair?

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I'm Interested in the Sidi road shoes.

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Sorry - wasnt clear. $75 each pair, other than the Spec's which are a bit less as they have seen some action.

The Sidis are by far the best condition of the lot. Carbon sole is barely scratched, and given that they are black patent leather, they come up super clean every time.
They are a good buy - send me a PM if keen.

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What size are the Nike's??

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Nikes are a 46. Lovely shoe - lightest of the lot.

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are any of the mtb shoes for sale in a 44 ?

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