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frame advise

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By gravelgrunt - Posted on 28 November 2011

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

ok so here goes a list of what i have to work with

the frame is currently a avanti monteri 2011 but even after the below upgrades i dont feel the frames working for me.

sid xx 100mm
elixer 3 brakes
mt 65 rims
x7 driveline
and of course the rest of the bike

also have a fox rp23 laying around

so my question is what should i go for as money is tight but want to build the best setup i can .

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what's your bike size and height? They need to match. Plus sometimes a frames geometry feels better than others. Go test ride other demo bikes and see what feels right. No point up grading bits on bike if frame not good. Plenty of bike frames go up for sale on site all the time.

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what's your height and frame size, and why do you think it's not working/comfortable.

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Im around 5'9 and the frames a medium.i must admit the bike was a impulse purchase as i was hangn to get into recreational riding.the front forks improved the overall feel but the frame feels like a lump of lead.cant imagine that for the $800 it cost new as a complete bike and the base model using the same frame for $500 would indicate that the frame isnt really built for hitting singletrail. just dosnt feel alive and responsive

thats the best description i can put into words

was looking at voodoo frames and planet x .

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It is an $800 bike. You get what you pay for.

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Plenty of frames on rotorburn/ebay/pinkbike etc. Try one of those $400 carbon ebay frames and report back. Laughing out loud

Make sure you check the compatibility with the bits you've got and go for it. Good fun building up a bike but don't expect to save much $$$. Eye-wink

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I got one of those $200 carbon frame from ebay and it's been brilliant. Light, stiff and responsive although it can be a bit harsh and tiring on longer events. Everything swung across from my XTC frame, only a $5 seatpost adapter required, in a couple of hours and ended up with a great bike.

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That looks mint!
I built one of these up and was pleasantly surprised...

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are those' ebay ' frames still available?

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There are still a lot available but you won't get one for $200 anymore, about $400 is the current price. I got mine through cycling deal in Melbourne and really rate their customer service. I busted a RD hanger first ride out and they had a new one ion the mail the next day for free

Their current offering is

but note it's a tapered headset so you would need a cane-creek reducer to put older forks on it

there's a 1,000 page long thread on the chinese carbon frames on MTBR if you've got some spare time on your hands

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go steel, outlast carbon and alloy, although depending on cash you could also look at the on- one carbon 456

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iv ordered the carbon frame from cycling deal so i will keep you all posted as to how it go's.

will post pictures when its complete.

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I've just built an On-One Scandal up for the missus using cast off's. Very light and responsive for not much money.
The 456 frame wouldn't be an ideal match for the Sids though, it's more hardcore!

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not 100% percent on that Cotic Tony as they do sell rigid forks for that particular bike

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