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Bike Rack in Action

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By Brian - Posted on 19 December 2011

I made this bike rack the weekend before out of some timber I had in my garage Smiling

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The definition in the dictionary for organized should be one word - BRIAN

Thanks for organizing everything - Craig and I needed someone to sort us out. without your skills and lists base camp would have been pretty basic.

Now we just have to see how we can get a generator,so we can have a fridge and Telly for the MONT with some DVD's playing in the background Eye-wink

Thanks mate.

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Don't tempt me. There was no way I could fit anything else in. Now if I had van that would be a different story

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Giving yourself plenty of choice I see...some sweet handlebars on the lefty Eye-wink

If you need me to take anything down for the Mont just let me know, I have a spare DVD/BluRay player.

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Those bars are nice and will be staying on. They actually saved me on the back section where you have to negotiate a rock while passing through two trees. My old ones would have collected them for sure.

I haven't thought about the Mont as yet. My next thing is to earn some leave pass points over Xmas for next year so its time to get some things done around the house Eye-wink

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I'm actually thinking I might need to modify my box trailer like the one we saw so I can mount the bikes on it. This means I'll have room for the kitchen sink Eye-wink

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