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By kazam - Posted on 10 January 2012

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a survey for Kiwarrak State Forest Tip Riders

THE TOP TEN TRACKS at Kiwarrak State Forest

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i road there today for about 3 hrs and will ride there tomorrow as well,i absolutely love these trails but following a local to be honest means i still have no clue as to what any of them are actually called.i love the trail with all the toys along it anf the downhill section with all the idiot proof pallets is (im prettyt sure the drop off in there is called dildo? something or other but youll know whAT i mean.awesome fun all round ,some of the see saws Are abit decrepit tho, worth casing before doing!almost made the road gap but came up short,but at least a flat landing so no harm.seriously these have to be some of the best trails in NSW=in my humble opinion!

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needed to look at the map again though...

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It would be really nice if all those names were in this list of tracks at Kiwarrak State Forest Smiling

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Hi bikemad, it would be a good idea to always check the builds before going over them because they can change from day to day the guys that make them are really good with repairs but because there are so many bridges, jumps, drop off's and the list goes on and on sometimes if something is broken they don't get to hear about it for days or weeks and then a week or so to fix it so yea be careful what you go over. if you need a detailed updated map you can get one on my website

Ride life and get off the couch Smiling

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all of them before i committed to pedallingMy mate who is a 9yr taree local and has helped build alot of the trails came unstuck on the really skinny seesaw,but only coz he went up it to slowly.the one thats abit twisted was fun but abit scetchy and the log ride below that fast section with all the small gap jumps has fallen off so wasnt do able.still a couple of brilliant days and the crew that look after the place are to be applauded!

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