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A cyclist's helmet-cam: the ultimate witness

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By Winco - Posted on 06 February 2012

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'Tis why I got chest-cam. Smiling Having video evidence might have helped secure a criminal prosecution of the guy who intentionally took me out Dec 2009.

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once some cockhead realises he has been nabbed might then lay the slipper in & take off with the camera to get rid of any evidence

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That could happen. More often people pull their heads in the experience seems to be.

It provides me with other benefits best discussed away from public forums Eye-wink

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Any recommendations for cameras? The go pro is the only one i have heard of

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A lot of the motorcycle guys are using these type of cheapies from ebay

that record onto microSD cards, I've seen the output and the quality is good even on a race bike although the wind noise is an issue (I suspect that will effect any camera though). That was the first link I could find but I know you can get them for about half that price including a SD card. For $20 it's tempting just to have a go and see what the outcome is,

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They're supposed to be pretty darn good. Wind noise issues can largely be resolved by supergluing a piece of microphone fluff over the hole in the case.

Main issue for commuting use is the absence of water resistance. I'm currently looking for a lower res (say 720p) rear-mounted option.

Great thread on cameras here:

FAQ here:

Mounting FAQ here:

Check Techmoan's Youtube channel for some impartial and thorough reviews on DVR micro and mini cameras.

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